La Roux

Playing to an Australian audience must feel like paradise to UK bands shouldering the hefty weight of hype. We're far enough removed (at least geographically) from the rest of the world to ensure that, by the time artists make it down here, we've had months (if not years) to catch up on the discography!


So was the case for hipper-than-thou UK act La Roux last night, as they played to an almost voracious crowd at The Palace. As front-woman Elly Jackson strode confidently on stage, wearing a skin-tight two-piece suit containing the most comprehensive colour palette the world has ever seen, it became obvious that disappointment was not an option. With her jaw-droppingly awesome red quiff in check, she launched into the Super Nintendo-esque beats of Tigerlily, bitch-slapping the capacity venue into overdrive.


I'm Not Your Toy and Reflections Are Protection followed. A criticism commonly thrown at La Roux is the lack of musical substance to their non-single tracks. Unfortunately, there is some truth in this statement, as Reflections are Protection provided the night's weakest moment. The weakness, however, was fleeting. After tearing through an unexpectedly buoyant and ravey Colourless Colour, the quality skyrocketed.


Quicksand saw the (surprisingly late) introduction of Jackson's trademark falsetto, to awesome results. The resulting crowd sing-a-long was almost deafening and too much for the painfully limited audio capabilities of The Palace (but that's a whole other issue!). Saving the best for last, only two tracks remained. In For The Kill and current single Bulletproof. A glorious one-two punch of anthemic power-pop, the final ten minutes of this gig were as good as it gets.


However, it was Bulletproof that provided the crowd with its show-stopping moment. It was a storming performance of one of 2009's greatest pop songs and the perfect way to finish the night. Remarkably tight for a band (the live show sees the duo swell to four) whose first gig was less than a year ago.It is no secret that their primary weapon is the pint sized Jackson. Like Beth Ditto before her, Jackson is quickly becoming an icon, celebrated for bucking a trend and looking fucking cool whilst doing it.Thankfully this duo has a monster live show to back up the talk.

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