The Presets

w/ Van She, Architecture in Helsinki

As anyone who has read my canon of work knows, I am not what you would call a dance fan. I mean, I enjoy all music (bar emo: fuck emo) on some level, but I'm just not the type to "club" or "rage" or, er, "go large". But I seem to make a special exception for the Presets. I despised My People from note one, but I still allowed them room in my musical heart.


Having arrived too late for Van She- at no real distress, having seen and developed distaste for them supporting Pnau- but waiting to catch the much-hyped Architecture in Helsinki, I was glad to have been assigned seats for this event. Casting my eyes over the claustrophobic sardine pit that was becoming of the floor, I did not envy those who would have B.O and pill powder tattooed into their skin. Ange and I have about eight seats empty on one side, so finding room to boogie (kids still say boogie, right?) wasn't going to be an issue.


So, after a Slurpee-sweet five-dollar Pepsi (seriously. Come on. Five dollars. For Pepsi. In a cup. They oughta run you outta town, Pepsi-Cola.) AIH began and I can see the attraction. Although AIH aren't my bag, I can tell this is party music for indie aficionados, and though I will never wear the flat-brimmed cap of indie cool, I appreciate these guys putting a substantial effort into their giggery. Their cover of Womack and Womack's Teardrops, also, brought a massive smile to my face because, as well as loving the original, AIH didn't do a bad version, either. The set climaxed with Heart It Races and the band left the crowd to prepare for the aural onslaught known as....


The Presets! The staccato opening of Talk Like That bursts the speakers after what seems like an eternity of introductory music: " UH.OH". Everyone is off. Considering this is probably my favourite Presets song, I began to get...jiggy...myself. I thought I'd have to wait for the encore for this!


Complete with a surprisingly elaborate light ensemble, The Presets lads burned through tracks like This Boy's In Love, Kicking and Screaming, the un-Presets sounding Yippiyo-Ay and, hovcourse, the larger-than-life My People (" wahh, wahh, wahh")A gig fit for a king, for fans of all shapes, sizes and musical snobbery levels.

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