The Presets

Cracker night came to Hobart early this year, I'm convinced of it. The Derwent Entertainment Centre was awash with hazy smoke, flashes of bright light and enough bangs, whistles and screams to drive any neighbourhood dogs crazy. Kids strutted about the place with a look of unbridled excitement on their faces, anxious parents lurked in the relative comfort of shadowy corners and adults with other priorities on their minds stood and swayed by the bar. Everyone was waiting for the night to explode into action - the scenes would have been at home at any bonfire in the country. But this time the pyrotechnics were not being lit by daring members of the local Apex club.


Also strutting their stuff, Van She and Architecture in Helsinki proved themselves top-line support for the night's heavyweights. Much like sparklers and tom-thumbs laying the foundations for the big bangs and whizzes on cracker night, both acts provided short, sharp sets to get the crowd in the mood to dance. Van She's synthy-pop sound was sickly sweet and the gang from Architecture in Helsinki did what they love to do... have loads of fun with tunes like Hold Music and Heart it Races, some crazy-arse dancing and a cracking cover of ‘80s Womack & Womack classic Teardrops. Both acts would easily fill other Hobart venues and hopefully it's not too long ‘til we see them back in town with a longer set. No doubt, though, The Presets were the reason people were there on Saturday night.


The crowd were at the white-hot hands of The Presets, the Aussie electro-duo with the string of huge hits and a full head of steam behind them as they tour the country again on the back of their triple-platinum Apocalypso album. Within moments of taking the stage, The Presets had whipped up a frenzy on the floor and had bums off seats throughout the arena with Talk Like That, one of the oft-heard hits from Apocalypso. And so they continued to dominate the DEC, belting through a polished and hugely appreciated set.


As if lit by flashes from skyrockets or flares, the stage glowed in a range of ethereal colours as the men behind the music, dynamic duo Julian Hamilton and Chris Moyes, urged more and more from the baying crowd. It's clear a year on the road has keened the edge of The Presets' blade – the Hobart show was as slick as it was chest-thumpingly intense. Each kick of the bass drum and every tinkle on the synth hit home with full force.


These guys are at the top of the tree and given the way the bumper crowd threw hands in the air and heaved at every drop, they'll be there for some time to come! This was one last chance to see them in epic form, playing the hits that've shot them to stardom this last 12 months or so and for the good folks of Hobart it was manna from heaven.


And though they're gone from our shores for now, it'll only be a matter of time before they're back with a new album, new hits and, no doubt, an equally BIG show! Do not miss it when they come around again. But don't take your dog... I'm pretty sure they wouldn't like it.

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