Children Collide

w/ Regular John, Nova Scotia

Sold out. Two words that send the deepest shiver down any concert goers spine. For those of us lucky enough to scrounge enough change before the 16th of April, we got to see a spectacular show by Sydney based Children Collide in Brisbane's own Alhambra Lounge.


The first support act to hit the stage was Nova Scotia. Apart from being a province located on Canada's south eastern coast, this Brisbane based five-piece kicked the evening off with their own style of early 90s grunge. In fact, this band was so reminiscent of bands from that era, they could have easily hailed from the Seattle grunge scene. Sporting three guitarists, these guys definitely weren't lacking distortion or feedback and for a brief moment used a drill to produce noise from their guitar. I obviously instantly fell in love with Nova Scotia and promptly purchased their EP.


Next to explode onto the stage was Sydney based Regular John. Obviously heavily influenced by grunge, with a liking for thrash and hard rock, these guys knew how to make some noise. All three front men shared microphone duties and powered through a forty-five minute set. I honestly haven't been so impressed by a support act and really felt Regular John deserved their own gig. I do however feel the need to point out the sheer musical ability of this band, particularly focusing on the guitar skill and mood changes between songs. Adding to this, you will definitely hear more from Regular John as the guys have just been signed by Australian label difrnt music, the label currently behind fellow Australian rockers Cog.


Finally, after two great support artists, I got a chance to see Australian music newcomers Children Collide. Regrettably however, I didn't get much of a chance to appreciate Children Collide's performance due to being completely and utterly distracted by the drummer Ryan Caesar's epic moustache. Seriously, this testosterone filled lady tickler emasculated every male in the suburb, let alone the venue. I couldn't take my eyes off it all night. Being almost surreal, it simply was the most magnificent display of manhood I have ever seen. Unfortunately after the gig I searched the bands promo photos for a snap of the drummer's man fuzz but was largly unsuccessful which left me to wonder if I was simply the witness to a miracle mirage moustache.


Moving on from the all-mighty lip foliage, Children Collide played through a brutal set lasting just over an hour. I can honestly say this is one band I seriously love for being so unclassifiable. I simply cannot place Children Collide into any kind of musical genre. Their music ranges from disco-grunge to pop-rock to indie-punk, all of which transcribes to an fantastic set list for any live gig. I can honestly say I saw dancing, moshing and gentle swaying from any number of fans depending on the mood of each song. Also, on the topic of fans, I have never heard people sing so loudly in so many songs. I swear they must have been handing out lyric booklets at the door as I must have been the only person in the room who wasn't able to sing along to every word in every song.


Children Collide managed to generate a really was a fun, happy atmosphere which is definitely something that not many bands achieve in their entire careers, letalone a single evening. The band have an obvious stage chemistry and strong rapport with all of their fans which is something that will take a band a long way. I guess I should talk about the songs. Obvious crowd pleasers and this reviewers' picks were the singles Social Currency and Farewell Rocketship which the band executed perfectly.


Much like their supports, Children Collide put on a slick live performance and I would strongly recommend anyone to come along to their next gig, even if to just see Ryan's Mustache.

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