Roar Sounds

feat: The Verses and Kate Miller-Heidke

I guess they called it Roar Sounds for a reason. The Melbourne Zoo lions snarled and howled along with the live acts tonight; perhaps joining in the sing-along, or perhaps simply asking us to please turn it down so they could sleep. The whole night was like a glorious picnic; people with wicker baskets and tartan blankets and pizzas and beer and all on the cool grass in front of a stage where, tonight, The Verses and Kate Miller-Heidke would entertain.


The Verses were, despite two members' frenetic past musical projects, somewhat lacklustre. The songs were...nice. But they didn't pop. People were happy to hear them and give them the credence any artist should receive for a full nights' hard work, but there wasn't exactly a lighter-waving sing-along, if you catch my driftwood. A quick spell in the Reptile House (Skinks! Lizards! Snakes! Turtles!Oh how I love the Zoo!) , a spot of ice-cream and it was to our grass plot for the astounding Kate Miller- Heidke.


Kate seems to emanate a kind of electric dust when she sings; her speaking voice is like yours or mine but, when she begins reeling out those classical high notes and staccato rhythms, she is fizzy and airy and full of the aforementioned pop. Songs like Shake It and I Like You Better When You're Not Around got the mostly picnicking crowd at least singing along- some dedicated ladies in the front bopping and jumping to every minute- while slower, more tender songs like The Last Day on Earth swept a spell over the dozy patrons. Their craft cover of Farnham's You're the Voice also got a few guilty smiles from the crowd.


It's a shame there was only four of these Roar Sounds events- this kind of outdoorsy, free and fun event should be a nightly ritual. Sure, it costs a bit, but it's better than sitting in a dank pub watching Butterfly Effect rerun bands. And you can see lions!

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