Art of Fighting

The red velvet back drop at Mojo's was the perfect venue for Art of Fighting's last night of their ‘Mysteries Tour'. With the venue filled back to the bar and a number of patrons on the floor, front and centre, all of the attentive crowd's eyes were on Ollie Browne.


Downing some Little Creatures, Ollie lead the band into several songs including ‘Akula' and ‘Along the Run'. It's the soft, angelic, honey voice of Ollie Brown, the well-orchestrated sounds and the reserved demeanour of the front man that makes Art of Fighting such a joy to experience. He's the quirky conductor of the indie outfit-showing the band the way and getting lost in the music.


Theirs is a sound that is so unique and emotive, it's hard not to get lost yourself. Ollie's voice backed up by Peggy, echoed through the flock. It's the kind of sound reminiscent of someone whispering in your ear.


After commandeering a chair from the crowd, Peggy Frew took centre stage for a song at the key board with the band supporting. After thanking the support act for their ‘beautiful music'. AOF tip toed into ‘Give Me Tonight' in their usual style, then broke lose accordingly.


‘Give me Tonight' and ‘Some Things New' were definite highlights. Even when Ollie is rocking out, he is very measured . He plays his guitar with feeling and style. He strums as if he paints a picture. After some slight malfunctions with the mike and tuning, AOF glided into ‘Just say I'm Right.


With songs off albums including Runways (2007) ,Second Storey (2004), Wires (2001) it was a rounded evening for old and new fans. I still have those sweet melodies echoing through my ears.

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