Mindless Self Indulgence

w/ Dead Inside The Chrysalis

On a dreary and somewhat chilly Wednesday night, we walked up the staircase at St Kilda's Prince of Wales and checked out the modest amount of merchandise for sale just as Dead Inside The Chrysalis were getting started.


Now, I like sleazy electro-cheese as much as the next person, in fact I probably like it more than the next person, but I am still undecided as to how I feel about Dead Inside The Chrysalis. Because, whilst they have this quirky and cleverly branded image and play some catchy songs, they don't deliver the goods live. They seem sloppy and the crowd seemed indifferent. Which is a shame because I really wanted to like their set. I also really wanted to like Mindless Self Indulgence's set and, thankfully, they delivered the goods over and over again.


Jimmy Urine and his merry band of electro-punk-Hot-Topic-fashion-tastemakers bounced onto the stage and wasted no time tearing into a high-energy, incredibly tight and extremely engaging set, interspersed with Steve, Righ?'s heckling of audience members, Lyn-Z's scaling of the lighting rig and Jimmy Urine's witty (albeit well-rehearsed) between song banter, "Hello Melbourne! We are your new Heath Ledger..... oh what – too soon?" he teases as the band launch into old fan favourite 'Hail Satan'.


Throughout the night, they continued to burn through a substantial amount of their back catalog, 'I Hate Jimmy Page' and 'Clarissa' were highlights and the band was obviously aware that the small but fiercely loyal following would not be satisfied without hearing the songs that made them fall in love with MSI in the first place. "This is one of my favourite parts of the show, because it means I don't have to sing" Said Jimmy as the band launched in to 'Faggot' and the audience took care of the vocals, proving the point.


Similar responses from the audience came when the band played their more recent (and more widely known in Australia) hits 'Shut Me Up' and 'Straight to Video' but what was particuarly exciting was the positive and energetic response that new songs 'Mastermind' and 'Prescription' (from forthcoming album 'If') received.


It has been quite a while since a live band has exceeded my expectations like this self-made New York based act did, and I (and seemingly everyone else there) will definitely be running to our nearest ticket vendor website to secure our places the next time they grace our shores.

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