The Casanovas

It has been nine years since The Casanovas had an album out. So to say this album launch was highly anticipated was something of an understatement. Their new crowd funded album Terra Casanova is The Casanovas at what they do best....ball tearing rock and roll and no holds barred massive riff fest.

To ignite the crowd first up was rock dogs The Vendettas. There fiery brand of gutter rock and roll nailed the crowd to the wall from the word go. 'City Of The Gun', 'Dead Eyes', 'Blackened Heart' all but brought the roof down. The crowd was left soulless and weak-kneed by the end of their set.

After I had climbed out of the wreckage that was left by The Vendettas, I went to the bar for a beer and positioned myself centre stage for Child. It had been less than a week since I had seen Child perform an epic set at Cherry Rock. My head was still off it's axis since the last onslaught, so I was dying to see if they could top last weeks performance. I realised after about one song that there is no bad Child gig. Every time that I have seen them, I have fallen into the deepest trance and not being able to move through out the set.

After Child had ripped my head right off I had to go find it. I think it was in the speaker stack somewhere.

The crowd were rowdy and very vocal before The Casanovas even got on the stage. They kicked off their energetic set with 'Born To Run', from their killer album All Night Long. This set the standard straight away. The crowd and the band knew that it was going to be an ear blasting night of belting rock and roll.

Out of all the new songs played tonight, the one that stood out for this reviewer was 'He’s Alive', with it's Thin Lizzy inspired guitar licks. It smashed it's way through the crowd, until they were left bloodied and battered.

About half way through their set, the band did a monster groove cover of 'I Thank You', which was made famous by Melbourne legends The Powder Monkeys. Before the obligatory encore they whetted the crowd's appetite with '10 Outta 10'. All their old school fans screamed out every word, like the anthem that it is.

For the encore, they blasted the crowd one last time with 'My Good Looks' and 'Keep It Hot'.

It has been way too long between beers since The Casanovas last played. So it was so good to have them back on our local music scene. The new album will hopefully find the band a new audience. Melbourne loves The Casanovas! So raise your glasses to their triumphant return.

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