The Hunted Crows

The Hunted Crows

What is a meteoric rise?

Melbourne's got its little rock music scene with it's characters, cliques, and relationships. We don't really need any star system invented in Hollywood, we can make our own. It's what we do. If Melanesians can make a Cargo Cult religion from American visitors with white goods, then what do we need Kim Kardashian for? We can make our own heroes. And at Cherry Bar it's kind of what they do.

In nine months The Hunted Crows have gone from playing Cherry's little Monday Open Mic night to winning a Cherry Award, they're playing a Thursday Residency at Yah Yahs, and next month a Tuesday residency at Cherry. Not many bands do this from a standing start, barely knowing anyone in the local industry.

How did they do this? Jacob Linnett and Luy Amiel have a great attitude. Smiling charmingly in the face of curmudgeonly open mic operators, and sound people. They've been pro-active in seeking and grabbing gig opportunities. And they're not dicks, no matter how they're provoked. They've got great songs, with choruses that stay in your head gig to gig. Stage presentation is fluid and confident. And they're fucking funny guys.

As a natural result from their good-natured productivity they have now gathered an enthusiastic audience, and the hearts and minds of Yah Yah's bar staff. Over the period of the Yah Yah's residency, crowds and performance have been consistently strong, with much dancing, and crowd surfing from the enthusiastic crew up front.

So they're a guitar and drums two piece, with Jacob on drums taking most of vocal duties. Luy's octaved guitar-bass in the heavy bits makes them sound reminiscent of Rage Against The Machine. They betrayed their influence with a cover of "Bulls On Parade" featuring the singer from supports Red Navajo. They also busted out a great cover of John Butler's "Zebra". And of course they had plenty of their own great tunes.

Supports on this gig were The Lovebombs, who are a perfect storm of heavy, pumping, pop/rock. And Red Navajo, who come on like an afrobeat MC5.

Support your local scene, make your own gods, and check out The Hunted Crows.
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