Yacht Club DJs

It was a night to recognise the legacy of music that continues to find strength in Ballarat with all three acts acting part in Yacht Club DJs, Hooroo! Farewell tour reigning from Victoria's third largest city.

Bel Air were just four mates from high school that joined to become one of the
freshest indie outfits making their move both here and internationally. Consisting of
Cam Swanson and Dylan Young on guitar and vocals, Josh Knight on
bass guitar and Edan Strachan on drums. Adding trumpet into their infectious indie
rock vibe with latest single 'Move', Bel Air are original and creative and sure to bring a cool
change in the heat of the Australian music climate.

Twinsy describe their music as full pump and even though they only emerged in 2012, they definitely meet this description. With the help of Yacht Club DJs Guy Chappell on drums, the three piece include duel vocal/guitarist/synth members in Hunting Grounds, Michael Belsar and Jack Craven from Neon Love.

The original compositions take ownership of the burgeoning appeal of marrying electronic and organic instrumentation. The authentic vocals became strident in places but to their credit there was no auto tune and the use of two male lead singers in a lineup is a masterstroke. Some tracks had a world fusion flavour with Caribbean and African themes and the clever addition of a White Town cover, 'Your Woman' made the set diverse. Although, under the contagious riffs and danceable rhythms, each song had a formulaic approach. This did nothing to sway the appreciative audience but the discerning fan might be left wanting. Nonetheless, Twinsy ended in a musical explosion, playing their hit 'Tear It Down' from EP Espiritus.

Perpetual party boys, Guy Chappell and Gaz Harrison, officially known as Yacht Club DJs are hanging up their headphones and stampeding off the stage after a successful six year stint. Their Hooroo! farewell tour will be leaving dance floors empty in an eerie wake with the duo finally putting an end to their distinct mash up of almost 60 years of classic and contemporary tracks. The Corner Hotel was a mad house. Hot and sweaty, the crowd thriving, dancing into a fabulous mess of bodies. Maxing out to a mix of hooks and lyrics, masterfully intertwined. From the Jackson 5, Queen, INXS, Eurogliders, TLC, Shaggy and Iggy Azalea, these guys moved from one decade to the next pulling out stand up hits and melding them to create a high octane set and a stellar send off. The boys are touring now and continuing until the end of December where they say an epic Hooroo to their
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