Prong have been around since the late 80’s but surprisingly have never set foot on our shores before. So to say the anticipation was high was an understatement.

The support for Prong were two of Melbourne’s finest metal bands, Dreadnought and Frankenbok. This reviewer arrived about a quarter of the way through Dreadnought’s set but unfortunately the mix was appalling. Luckily they managed to fix things up towards the end and the band managed to make the audiences ears bleed for at least a couple of songs.

Frankenbok were up next and did what they are best at, destroying the stage and audience into rubble in every way possible. They did an earth shattering cover of Living Colour's 'The Cult of Personality'.

After regaining my hearing I eagerly awaited Prong and as soon as they hit the stage, they immediately kicked it into fifth gear with 'For Dear Life', from their second album Beg To Differ. After this intro the band smashed and thrashed their way through a killer set of new and old classics.

'Rude Awakening' from same named album hyped the crowd into a furious whirlpool in the mosh. I seeked refuge way up the back, away from all the testosterone action. To view the crowd from a distance is always incredible to be part of it is like going into battle and only the strongest survive.

They saved the best until the last, when the band played their classic 'Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck', from their 1994 album Cleansing. It really showed what an accomplished band they were. It was vital mix of thrash and riffs that blew up the crowd and smashed them up like a hurricane.

I can easily say that the crowd loved every second of the gig. This reviewer left the venue totally deaf and my head throbbing. Always a great sign of a killer gig.


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