Stawberry Fist Cake/Red Light Riot- Yah Yahs, Friday October 3rd

Stawberry Fist Cake/Red Light Riot- Yah Yahs, Friday October 3rd

Tonight at Yah Yahs was a showcase gig from the Female Drummers Collective, putting a spotlight on that rarest of things, the female drummer. Similar to female lead guitarists, they tend to bring a different attitude and ‘chi’ to the instrument. This was an excellent chance to see what they could do behind the kit, and how their approach and attack differs from their male counterparts.

Unfortunately, the first band on the bill, Messed Up, lived up to their name, being a late scratching due to one of their members being involved in a skateboard mishap earlier in the day. However, the two acts that did play tonight more than compensated.

First up was five piece Red Light Riot. Powered by the striking and compelling Ingrid on drums, this was fierce and in your face punk rock that would annoy the absolute crap out of your neighbours and kill their lawn to boot.

Featuring a bottom end so solid you could build a house on it combined with sharp, stinging guitar lines and female screaming banshee-like vocals, this band recalled the likes of Babes In Toyland and Bikini Kill, two of the premier ‘riot grrl’ bands of the Nineties. Polished and a lot of fun, Red Light Riot put in a great set.

The headliner, Strawberry Fist Cake, embodied the anarchic, ‘anything goes’ attitude that personified the early days of punk. Making use of the area in front of the stage at Yah Yahs, as well as, at one point, the actual serving area of the bar, this was a loose and wildly unpredictable five piece having a huge amount of fun onstage.

Songs like “Drinking Tonight” , “Hayfever” and a rather riotous “Rock N’ Roll” (no, not the Led Zeppelin classic) illustrated a band that aren’t afraid to take chances onstage and pride themselves on being unpolished and highly unpredictable in where they will take you as a punter. Drummer Crazy had a percussive and highly impactful style, recalling drummers such as Kram from Spiderbait.

An immensely enjoyable night putting a spotlight on something that you truly do not see enough of in the current musical landscape.
-Neil Evans.
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