Go Go Sapien

Go Go Sapien

Melbourne continues to exhibit one of the most vibrant and passionate live music scenes in the world. This was never more evident than at this wildly eclectic line up that was assembled at Yah Yahs on Saturday night.

First up, we had a hip hop collective called M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction). With a rotating lineup of MCs rapping on top of some compelling and assured soundscapes provided via laptop, this was an entertaining way to kick off the night.

Rapping about light current concerns, such as calling exes when drunk in the early hours of the morning, or the classic way that we forget how to speak when confronted by beauty on the track “Lockjaw”, this was a solid take on hip hop, eschewing the political in favour of shining a spotlight on the personal.

For the second act, you couldn’t get more different from what had proceeded it. Four piece The Impossible No Goods totally caught the assembled audience completely off guard. Consisting of two saxophonists, a bass player and a drummer, they have a unique, left of centre take on music that could best be described as ‘punk jazz’. Pummelling, intense and nothing less than utterly compelling, this instrumental troupe really grabbed one’s attention and refused to let go.

As a comparison, one could best compare them to the criminally underrated band The Laughing Clowns, formed by guitarist Ed Kuepper after he left The Saints. A class act doing something totally different from most bands out there, The Impossible No Goods were an absolute delight. This scribe, for one, looks forward to hearing more from them.

Launching the new music video for their track “Winona”, local act Go-Go Sapien provided a spunky and spiky headline spot. Heavily influenced by psychedelia, science fiction movies and classic late Seventies/early Eighties music and acts such as Talking Heads and The B52’s, the five piece really mash up all of the above and put their own stamp and personality on it.

A set that featured some cracking tracks such as the aforementioned “Winona”, “Tough Love”, “Late Night Infomercials” and “Telepathy”, these local up and comers showed a great deal of charm and potential in regards to their command of music and where it has the potential to take them.

Tonight was a wonderfully challenging, wildly eclectic and immensely enjoyable showcase of some of the absolute extremes and diversity of what Melbourne’s rich and vibrant music scene has to offer.

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