Hiatus Kaiyote

Approaching Federation Square, a bolt of music rises over the hum of the inner city traffic. With the audience mainly seated a handful of brave souls danced to the sounds of one of Australia's finest, Hiatus Kaiyote. It was a perfect choice to celebrate International Day of Peace. Hiatus Kaiyote brought a lively mix of colour and love to all that were there. As each song merged into the next, the entire set flowed, full of tasty riffs and intricate musical detail. There is a depth and expertise to the music that could almost push the listener away but instead it draws them in. The crowd was made up a wide cross section of the community. A mix of families, both young and old to students and professionals. If you weren't dancing, the music got you moving in one way or another as the extremely infectious and upbeat blend of organic and electronic sounds were impossible to resist.

Launched in 2011 and brandishing their own flavour of future soul music, Hiatus Kaiyote, who have just returned from dates in London and Paris filled Federation Square with mellifluous melodies. Self-proclaimed multi-dimensional polyrhythmic gangster shit, the 7 piece made up of Nai Palm on vocals and guitar, Perrin Moss on drums, Paul Bender on bass, Simon Mavin on keys and synths, and backing vocalists Jace, Loreli, and Jay Jay.

The sun breaks through the cloud cover and for a moment blue skies give their blessing to this peaceful gathering. As the set progresses the crowd become more vocal and the applause becomes louder with that once small group of dancers slowly growing in strength, each with their own unique expression, a reflection of what they saw on the stage. With messages and images of peace broadcast on the big screen, Nai tells everyone “it's good to be home” and the band break into their Grammy nominated track Nakamarra, with the words “love you, I do love you” floating across the square.

Playing songs from their award winning debut EP Tawk Tomahawk. Hiatus Kaiyote bring a fusion of worldly flavours, combining jazz, hip hop and R&B with a mix of afro beats and tribal call and response. Nai's vocals are part Stevie Wonder, part Erykah Badu but truly individual and joyful.

A superb way to celebrate International Day of Peace.

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