Holly Throsby and Dan Kelly

Having caught some of Dan Kelly's set at the Big Day Out the week before and not seeing him live before that, I was really looking forward to seeing him solo and I was not disappointed. He charmed with the crowd from the get go. Chatting with the intimate crowd at the Northcote Social Club in between songs as he tuned his guitar. Far different from the previous Kelly gig with the Alpha Males present behind him.


"Drowning in the Fountain of Youth" got the crowd humming along and the sing-a-long "Drunk on Election Night" brought a smile to every ones face. Post gig, Kelly manned the merch stand signing CD's for fans and freely chatting with the punters.


Holly Throsby and band quietly shuffled onto stage for their set. A plethora of soft sweet sounds followed. The crowd was unusually quiet which may have been due to the issues with the sound in the first few songs – there didn't seem to be enough sound on Holly's vocals. They soon sorted that but the crowd was unusually quiet giving full attention to the trio on stage.


"The Shoulders and Bends" was a clear favourite. Many a song from Holly's 2006 album Under the Town was rolled out with various tales of travels, parking fines, broken shoes and a suicidal double bass filling the gaps between songs.


Holly sang "If We Go Easy" solo with every eye in the house fixed upon her. This was a delightfully personal set, that was surprisingly captivating given the quiet softly spoken nature of the performance. I was initially under the impression that they had teamed up and would be performing a set together – but it was not the case and I surely was not disappointed


I as left the gig I remembered that my initial thought was they would be performing together – I certainly was not disappointed that this was not the case. The only disappointment for the night was the lighting, or lack of any other colour than red. Maybe the red lights were to set the mood for the night…

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