Meredith Music Festival

The Seventh Layer of Hell

Probably the hottest, dirtiest and laid back Meredith. With temperatures reaching 42 degrees on Saturday, it isn't surprising that there were just a handful of punters left on Sunday to catch the legendary Spencer P. Jones as the last act. It seems most people had given up the ghost, early Sunday morning and retreated back to their air conditioned homes.


We drove down with no Friday tickets determined to blag our way in some how, just as we pulled on the handbrake, the guy two cars behind us preceded to put a sign on his roof, saying I have tickets for sale, whoopee, and we were in. You gotta love Meredith; the gods of rock and roll were smiling down on us that day.


Oh the heat it was just too too much, ran down the front to catch the two drummer stylings of Wolf and Cub, but as the last time I caught them, they got boring after a while. While they are great, they don't seem to have much variety. Band of Horses were good, and I was very impressed by The New Pornographers.


Now I have only been in this country a few years, and I have heard about them, heard a few of their songs, but I was not prepared for the aural assault that was Rose Tattoo. This band owns pub rock, they wrote the book. With Angry's comments on the Eureka Stockade, how bad things happen when people stand by and do nothing, they rocked Aunty Meredith's little socks off. The sun had gone down and people were dancing like no one was watching.


Saturday was apocalyptic, oh the heat, oh the dust, it was like some sort of rock and roll Armageddon, the seventh layer of hell, the punters were very very quiet. At about 4 the temperature got reasonable and The Drones kicked off with ardent supporters up the front, loving what they do, amongst a powerful heat, the crowd screamed out the songs they wanted to hear. The first show with their new guitarist, Dan Luscombe, proved to us all what a professional he is. Even Augie March gave him hands up.


What was with that naked guy running around all weekend, I want what he was on, hey maybe I was??


The crowd favourite Cornelius Sensuous, with his light show, film show, amazing guitar work, blew the crowd away as he ushered us gently into the cool of the night. Dallas Crane rocked, but the crowd danced like no one was watching, or maybe it was the relief that the sun had gone, to those Norwegian freaks, Data rock. Girl talk had 15 minutes left in the country and somersaulted around the stage.


Sunday morning was packed for the Tai Chi, and then an awful lot of people left, with the thought of another day of heat and dust, people just gave up the ghost. We stuck around for Tn'T, Tex outshone Tim, but was a legend. The last remaining few stuck around for the gift, I could actually see the race this year. Spencer P Jones and the Escape Committee were well worth the wait and sitting through those bloody dust storms.


This year's Meredith was about legends of the Australian music scene, those that have gone and those that are still around showing us all yet again how lucky we are to have Aunty Meredith.

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