Shaun Kirk

Shaun Kirk

Shaun Kirk proved that blues is still very much in fashion with his stellar performance at the Northcote Social Club last night. His energetic strumming and deep raspy voice hit all the right notes, causing sporadic beaming and shouts to erupt throughout the audience.

On the road to promote his new release Steer the Wheel, Kirk delivered a collection of polished new tracks that have already stirred a buzz within the industry - having debuted in the number one position on the Australian Blues iTunes charts.

The sound created by heavy guitar strumming and a honky-tonk style harmonica proves that authentic blues musicians are not just born and bred in the American south but right here in Australia. Authenticity cannot be faked it seems, from the streets of Melbourne to the smokey haunts of New Orleans.

The banter between songs also attests to Kirk’s ability as an entertainer. He told inspiring stories about giving up the monotonous day job he thought he loved in order to pursue a career in music. Boy, are we glad that he did.

Described as the human octopus by his supporting act and blues brother Tom Richardson, Kirk easily lived up to this moniker and I was surprised to find the audience in the front row were not speckled with finger-blood by the way he furiously strummed his guitar. They wouldn't have noticed anyway; they were mesmerized. Favourites came half way through the set. Kirk busted into 'Find Me A Lady' - a clear stand out from the new album - and had the audience taking part in chanting back "find me a lady" albeit without the same level of enthusiasm and definitely not in the same key.
The Shaun Kirk Steer the Wheel album launch tour continues around the country for the rest of the month.

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