The Rogers Sisters

with Pharaohs, I Heart Hiroshima

Shame on Brisbane for their poor turnout on Thursday night, shame. Don't say it was a school night either, because it was holiday time!


Surprisingly, Pharaohs got things under way to a very sparse collection of people. Touring their newly released Medicines ep, one was mistaken in thinking that they would fill the major support slot.


Peddling wares from the new disc and beyond, the Adelaide lads demonstrated an evolution in both their writing and on stage skills. While still exhibiting some of the same urgent character of the Forest From The Trees EP, they have polished it and even added to the intensity of their product with a somewhat darker, brooding outcome.


Local ‘now' darlings, I Heart Hiroshima were next to try and stir the, err, throng into action, but to no avail. While drummer Susie acknowledged that most of the small crowd were their friends, the delivery of I H H's rangy pop failed to stir them. Everyone was seated and remained so.


While their call and respond vox and off kilter beats are typically contagious, it appeared as though everyone had their shots up to date and all failed to become infected. With short, polite applause between tracks was on offer for the band, there was an overwhelming awkward silence for the most parts. All this despite one random punter trying to enthuse the crowd with her random howls of support.


A last minute venue change for The Rogers Sisters visit to Brisvegas in 2005 had them playing at ‘the local space' where they and the supports were plagued with technical problems throughout the entire night. Yet, they still rocked.


Fortunately, a more appropriate location was on offer tonight and with no such technical issues, they rocked even more so.


With the small crowd at least on their feet and even vocal, The Rogers Sisters proceeded to spark signs of life from the pack with a set comprising of tracks from Purely Evil, Three Fingers and newest offering, Invisible Deck.


Bassist Miyuki Furtado seems to be blessed by the four string gods at the moment. His possessed style was one of the highlights of the night as were the crunching passages he was delivering via his bass together with the melodious tones from his vocals chords. The man has a commanding presence.


Jennifer's contrasting tonality on the Tele provided the perfect foil to Furtado and drummer Laura, kept it all together with the hypnotic, skewed beats, tight as you like. The sum of the three sisters, vocally, made for some sweet harmonies that sat well with their angular, slanted rhythms.


Personal fave, Freight Elevator from Three Fingers was run out early and followed on by Invisible Deck highlight, The Clock, ensuring that the few of us that were dancing became drenched in sweat straight away. Only Furtado perspired more, such was his energy and enthusiasm on stage.


The ‘Sisters managed to exchange casual banter with the crowd throughout the evening on such topics as pets, the American government and the abundance of sailors in the valley that night. Apparently, there were French seamen everywhere.


With the dark drone freak-out of Sooner or Later and the haunting psychedelia in Your Littlest World, The Rogers Sisters easily shake off the B52s tags and the laid back sounds of Fantasies Are Nice and Ballena reinforce this.


Why Wont You, The Light and Never Learnt To Cry all show post punk roots and its damn good as your body picks up the beat and forces you to dance! Most, anyway.


Disappearing for a quick break, the crowd finally finds voice and sees The Rogers Sisters return for an encore that includes I Dig A Hole, Zero Point before finishing with Zig Zag Wanderer.


As disappointing as the audience was, the Rogers Sisters still put in one fine effort, not allowing the lethargy of the punters to spoil their fun.


Or ours.


Our three strong entourage all agreed that it was one of the best shows of the year.

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