James Reyne and Daryl Braithwaite

Melbourne Zoo Twilight

Tonight, humans and animals are joined together at The Zoo Twilight for the Grammy award winning (b)Daryl Braithwaite(/b) and (b)James Reyne(/b). The animals no doubt gaining a noise explosion as they nestle into their beds or for the nocturnal animals venturing out of their slumber to a cacophony of sounds.

Braithwaite played to the audience first (and right on time), delving straight into "As The Days Go By". He managed to get the crowd singing early in the set and a few punters get up and dance to the music. Braithwaite’s vocals are impeccable and although I’m sure he must get tired of singing the same hits, you would never know. Each hit is played with pleasure and passion before a sold out crowd at The Melbourne Zoo.

Braithwaite plays tracks from his latest album (i)Forever The Tourist(/i), a cover of 'All Day and All of the Night' (The Kinks) as well as all his hits. 'Howzat' gets the nostalgic fans in the audience going, 'Higher Than Hope', 'Summer Love', 'Beautiful Feeling', 'All I Do', 'One Summer' and the big hit 'Horses' which by this time most people are up and dancing. Braithwaite is interactive with the crowd and makes a fantastic front man to the amazing band behind him.

As I go for a wander around I notice people are sitting anywhere they can. Many can't see the stage let alone the screen but they seem perfectly happy. Visiting the lion cage, I witness the lions roaring, all three of them - even two of them laying on their sides- were roaring away.

I make sure I am back for James Reyne who begins the set with the hit 'Fall of Rome' and I can tell you, his voice hasn't faltered over the years. Into 'Slave', 'Beautiful People' and the song about sharks; 'Hammerhead'. As the evening wears on, the lights are more vibrant and the bats start to migrate from their trees in search of food. Many are dancing on this balmy night as the songs continue; 'English Girls', 'Reckless', 'Motor Runs Way Too Fast' and a cover of The Dingoes 'Way Out West' . The screens are displaying what a lot of us can’t see, but I can't help but wish the screens were situated in a better watching position for the people in the back rows.

Reyne continues into 'Rainbows Dead End', 'Errol' and 'Oh No Not You Again' which brings the crowd to their feet, dancing and laughing. You can feel that people come to the Zoo twilight for the experience of sitting in the zoo grounds listening to the music and not necessarily to ‘see’ the band.

The big hit 'Boys Light Up' ends the night and most people are on their feet for this one, many are slipping out half way through, to no doubt get ahead of the mass exit. Braithwaite and Reyne both sing the song and bring the set to an end and we all walk away happy with a great night out and reminisce on how amazing it is to hear the lions roaring within metres as we stroll out of the zoo grounds into our waiting cars.

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