Augie March

with Schvendes

After listening to a lot of "Moo, You Bloody Choir" I had started to really look forward to this gig. Also being at Fly By Night Club was a plus, as this is probably the best live music venue in Perth for a band of this style. Unfortunately for Augie March, this just wasn't meant to be.


The night started with Schvendes, playing their Nick Cave influenced somber rock. I also think I hear a touch of Johnny Cash at times. The highlight track would have to be "Twice The Man". These guys (and girls) aren't for everyone, but if you approach with an open mind, you might just be convinced (I know I am).


Then we moved on to Augie March. They started with "The Cold Acre" and instantly their grimaces (mainly Glenn) showed they weren't happy with the sound. They asked for several changes before telling us they had problems with an amp and had to get a new one so the settings were all different and this was the reason for the sound problems. As well as this they asked not to be blinded, but instead of the lights facing them getting turned down, they just got turned off. Not the best result.


They followed "Cold Acre" with "Just Passing Through" and "Mother Greer", making changes to the sound all the time, but still not seeming completely happy. This continued for a few more songs including "The Keepa" and "Baron Of Sentiment" which was popular with the crowd, many fans singing along to themselves. About this stage we got to see a bit of the famous banter between Davey and Glenn, taking the piss out of each other. This seemed to be the closest they came to genuinely having fun all night, and they had the crowd laughing out loud.


In order for the guys to get the sound right, Glen played "Bottle Baby" on acoustic, and it proved to be my favourite of the night, showing off his skills in a more raw setting without the sound problems. A few more songs followed, the whole while the crowd encouraging them to just enjoy themselves and forget about everything else. "One Crowded Hour" was introduced to a hearty cheer, followed by "This Train Will Be Taking No Passengers" which was another highlight, with terrific harmonies. The guys took a short break here before encoring with "No Such Place" as an acoustic number and then "Owens Lament" to close the night.


It's a shame they had so many problems because the raw talent is evident and the album is a gem; I just can't wait ‘til these guys come back and string it all together and enjoy themselves, because you get a sense it will be magic.

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