Augie March

with Dan Kelly and the Alpha Males

On Saturday evening 6th May 06, the renowned live gig venue, The Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay, buzzed with the energy of music fans, fellow locals, and a steady flow of band goers. The vibe in the air was "this was the place to be", and marked the night Melbourne based folk rock band Augie March continued on their national tour promoting the release of the bands anticipated third album 'Moo, You Bloody Choir'.


The show took place in the aptly labelled 'Backroom' of the Great Northn Hotel kicking off with supporting act Dan Kelly and The Alpha Males. Despite the excitement and anticipation in the room, the crowd was surprisingly reserved and needed a bit of hyping from Dan Kelly and The Alpha Males. Half way through the 2nd set the band stopped to coax people up to the dance floor, which up until that point had been occupied by two people swaying hypnotically. It was a case of selling the product for Dan Kelly and the Alpha Males as they continued to urge the crowd to, "come up the front, we promise the sound will be better up here" . With that promise it was like someone had opened the flood gates and within seconds the floor was pumping with bodies all over the place.


After Dan Kelly and the Alpha males left the stage their was a small interval. It was then that the air became so thick with Augie chatter and crowd anticipation not even a chain saw would have hacked through it.


The moment arrived, the Augie March show was ready to begin. Five piece Augie March, (consisting of Glenn Richards (lead singer), Edmondo Ammendola (bass), Adam Donovan (guitar), Kieran Box (keyboards) and Dave Williams (drums), entered the stage, and the tension was replaced with pure glee.


The Augies were in fine form, instantly clicking with the herd, asking how they were and excelling at humorous ongoing banter on stage. The band kicked off with 'Cold Acre' and followed with 'Here comes the night' both songs were performed with melodic beauty which helped disguise the fact Glenn Richards voice was facing strain due to the heavy tour load.


Next up, was the controversially themed song "Mother Greer" which the band directly links to the famous feminist matriarch Germain Greer. This was followed by 'Brundisium', the quirky country styled 'Barron of sentiment' ,the touching ' Rich girl' , a fast paced 'JPT‘, 'Keeper' , 'Song key', the gorgeously gentle ‘No such place‘, ‘Train, Bottle baby‘, the very popular ‘One crowded hour' and was finished off with a beautiful rendition of ‘Clockwork' . The tunning element contained few hitches, at one point, Glenn Richards did however require "a kick" from the sound tech.


At the end of the night the band thanked the crowd for being a great audience and made their way off stage with the exception of Dave Williams, whom offered a moment of his time to the crowd answering a couple of questions and signing autographs.


The general vibe after the show was satisfaction with much of the crowd cheering for encores.


To round up, The Great Northern hotel guests received a real treat to the ears, eyes and mind thanks to the great show provided by Augie March .


Yours Sincerely , ~Her Majesties Finest~

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