28 Days

with The Styles

September 16th 2000 was the last time Frankston's finest, 28 Days played a headlining show in Launceston. Returning this year, the band was looking forward to playing to a bigger crowd than they did during the afternoons all ages show.


Launceston's best rock band, The Styles were up first as they got given the chance to support, From the word go, the Styles didn't disappoint, they played mainly a mix of newer material which I hadn't heard much of before. The songs are a bit of a change of pace from their older material. Leigh Action was pulling rock moves left, right and center which are always enjoyable for the audience.


After a short wait, 28 Days were welcomed out onto the stage by the decent sized audience. From the opener ‘Sucker' they had the crowd going wild with vocalist Jay giving one of the members of the audience the chance to yell ‘Mother F**ker' down the mic during the bridge.


The performance was jam packed full of hits and plus some of the newer material from the album ‘Extremist Makeover'. New drummer Adrian Griffin brings something totally new to the bands older tracks like ‘Goodbye' and newer track ‘Hate Now'.


Jay got the crowd involved any chance he got, selecting people from the audience to sing sections of some of the bands biggest hits. It's never good when a band starts to experience technical problems during their last few songs of the performance, but both guitarist Hep and turntablist Jedi pushed through the problems.


During different stages of the set, members of the audience yelled out for tracks like ‘Girls 101', ‘Never Give Up' and ‘Kid Indestructible', Jay and the bands were more than willing to perform them but couldn't remember how.


The Days rounded out their set from the older track ‘La Tune', ‘Stealing Chairs' in which they dedicated to Scott Murry with former drummer who passed away in late 2001. After a quick '28 Days ………… Can Fuck Off' chant from the crowd, 28 Days ripped into their biggest hit ‘Rip It Up!' The whole crowd were getting into it and singing along with the band.


28 Days didn't even have time to leave the stage before the crowd wanted an encore. The band ripped into the final song of the night, ‘Plastic Fucks' which they were joined on stage by a eager fan who got the chance to sing backing vocals during the chorus of the song. This is one show no one who attended will forget.

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