Little Birdy

To be perfectly honest, I really haven't heard much of Bob Evans music. Only previously knowing Bob like everyone else would as Jebs frontman Kev Mitchell, I was a little unsure what to expect from him as a solo acoustic act. But from the very first song, I was pretty impressed with him. Enjoying a glass of red and as expected throwing in a mention about the footy, Bob Evans cruised his way through his set. The temptation was there to call out for Raindrops keep Falling on my Head (as Jebediah covered it for Triple J's Like a Version) but a few songs later he did it anyway. As he strummed out Raindrops, Bob played the opening chords for Eric Claptons song Tears in Heaven much to the crowds approval. It was however not going to happen with Bob adding cheekily, "Sorry. Couldn't resist." Next up was Canadian twins Tegan and Sara. They took to the stage with a big, knowing applause which was good considering this was only their second visit to Australia and first to Adelaide. Even though these girls may seem so alike - being twins and all - there is a definite difference with them in their vocal range and they are both very talented musicians in their own right. The highlight of their set was ‘walking with a ghost' from their So Jealous album from 2004. Little Birdy hit the stage looking very refreshed and ready for a good night of music. They opened up with Excited and we were. It was only a couple of months (April to be exact) since I last saw Little Birdy but I can honestly say it felt a hell of a lot longer. While Katy strutted her stuff, the boys played a very tight set including Heartbreaker, Baby Blue, Andy Warhol and Relapse as well as throwing in a few new songs which from guessing will be on their second album. Perhaps the best song for the night was Message to God. There's something so beautiful, haunting and eerie all at the same time about this song that I just love. Another thing I noticed was Katy's voice seemed a little different than it used to be. It didn't at times have that high pitched sound that she is known for. The show seemed to fly because before I knew it the band were leaving the stage and the crowd was asking for more. We knew we were going to get one (sneaked a glance at the set before they started) and to a huge applause they came back on to play three more songs. The only conclusion I can come to about Little Birdy is that they always play a good, solid show and not one song seems to disappoint. Tonight seemed extra special as they treated us to some very special guests and left my ears in a state of bliss.

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