Little Birdy

with Tegan & Sara and Bob Evans

Tonight, Little Birdy, Tegan & Sara, and Bob Evans are set to take to the stage at the Saloon Bar in Launceston. I'm excited and ready to be rocked by the Perth based band, and curious to see what the others have to offer.


The night kicked off with an acoustic set from Bob Evans. To me the songs seemed to sound the same and it got a little boring for my liking. When he finished his last song he just started packing up and didn't say anything to the crowd, it's the first time I've seen anyone do that. I wasn't very impressed.


Canadian pop rockers, Tegan and Sara, were next on stage and jumped straight into their first song, "You Wouldn't Like Me", a track off their latest album, "So Jealous". The majority of their set was taken from their latest album, with just three tracks thrown in from their 2002 album, "If It Was You". They didn't play any of their old numbers; "Monday", "The First", or "Proud". That was a bit disappointing, but their new songs sounded great.


Tegan & Sara performed very well, and because they are sisters their voices sounded very similar, which was good because it made their harmonies sound perfect, which most bands find difficult to do live. They had a good stage presence and really got the crowd involved. They finished their set off with, "Living Room". I was really impressed with their performance and hope they return to Australia again. Later that night Tegan and Sara signed autographs for fans at the merchandise stand.


As the stage was being set up for Little Birdy, people were sneaking peaks at the set list and their killer axe's as they were being tuned to perfection. The lights dimmed and the crowd cheered as Little Birdy came walking down the stairs bursting into their latest single, "Excited". They showed plenty of enthusiasm as they jumped around the stage and drummer, Matt Chequer, laid down a solid "wall of drums". This got the crowd really going.


During "Beautiful", Katy Steele broke one of her Elixir strings on her acoustic Maton guitar, but recovered well and continued to play through to the end of the song. A quick guitar change and the show continued, playing tracks from their debut album, "Big Big Love", including; "Tonight's The Night", "Message To God", and my personal favorite, "Andy Warhol", which had an electrifying guitar solo by the underrated Simon Leach. They played a couple of new songs including, "After Dark". They finished off the set with "Relapse", and the crowd joined in singing and dancing. One cunning fan stole their set list after this song, even though their encore was still to come.


The crowd knew it wasn't over so they kept chanting for them to return and when they did the crowd went wild. They played another new track, "Fishing In The Walls", it was well received by the crowd. They then continued with an older number, "This Is A Love Song", this song has a great guitar riff and a cool drum beat!


They finished the night off with, "Losing You", and again there was excellent stage presence and energy from the entire band. I was extremely impressed with their performance tonight; I can't wait for their new album and another tour!!!

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