10 Year Anniversary tour with Red Jezebel and Mr Sandman

Jebediah have come a long way since performing as a cover band at their year 12 formal. Ten years on and the band is celebrating with a special anniversary tour dedicated to the fans who have stuck by them.


I rocked up to a fairly empty venue around half an hour after the doors had opened, which was no surprise with just under 3 hours before the main act would hit the stage.


With all this time to spare I decided to make good use of my time and head to the bar to down some of the amber nectar.


The first support band, Mr. Sandman, took to the stage just after 9p.m and I headed over to get a good position (not before slipping past the bar to get a refill).


The venue was still fairly empty at this stage but that didn't stop this band from rocking out! They coaxed the crowd into coming closer with the bassist even jumping onto the empty dance floor. These guys have a pretty varied sound. Think guitar riffs with that sort of 70s good ol' rock n roll vibe, throw in a bit of rockabilly and a sound not too distant from good aussie rock like Grinspoon and you get the idea.


While they have been on the scene for a few years; this was the first time I had seen them live and I'll definitely be making the effort to see them again. However, I couldn't help but feel that they needed a 2nd guitarist to handle lead duties and help round out their sound.


But with the venue at around half capacity by the end of their set they did well to get people up and moving creating a great vibe in the place with their awesome stage presence.


By now the venue was starting to fill up but there was still plenty of room to move down the front by the time Red Jezebel took the stage.


Sadly, the guys just couldn't follow the energy of Mr. Sandman. While their performance got the crowd nodding their heads they failed to really hold onto the atmosphere that Mr. Sandman had created. Perhaps a change in line-up would have maintained the energy?


Then it all started to happen. The theme song for Family Ties came over the PA; a nice way to start off the set for their 10th Anniversary gig.


"I bet we been together for a million years, and bet we'll be together for a million moreā€¦"


Then the band everyone had been waiting for took to the stage.


Opening their set with Tracksuit the crowd of the now packed venue surged forward to get closer to the stage; followed by It's Over really got the crowed moving.


What followed was a very solid set including favourites like Clint and No Sleep, the crowd swaying and singing to First Time and Fall Down getting them worked up. They finished with Lino, both band and audience jumping around and screaming "hard to clean!"


Now it's over? Time for an encore.


The side door to the stage opened and out walked Kev armed only with his acoustic guitar and sang a great acoustic version of Nothing Lasts Forever.


By the end of the song the rest of the band had made their way on stage with the exception of Vanessa eventually staggering on stage with a spliff hanging out of her mouth and drinks in hand, a sight which caused cheers from the crowd and jokes from the band.


They then burst into Ferris Wheel, Skin and Animal. Following with the ever popular Harpoon and wrapping up the night with Bosco.


While some people seemed baffled that songs such as Leaving Home never made the set it was clear that this tour was purely for the band and their fans, making the point by announcing on their website that they would like the fans to let them know which songs they wanted to hear.


My only real complaint: the stage setup; unless you where standing stage right you could not really see the drum kit let alone Brett hiding behind them in the poorly lit corner.


Overall the crowd left happy that night and the band seemed to love every minute of stage time.


Full set list: Tracksuit; It's Over; Clint; Look That Way; No Sleep; The Less Trusted; Pain Remover; You; First Time; Run Of The Company; Patty Powell; More Alone; Fall Down; I Ran; Lino


Encore: Nothing Lasts Forever (Kevin Solo); Ferris Wheel; Skin; Animal; Harpoon; Bosco

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