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What: SYNERGY TOUR All Ages Final Show
When: 19th October 2013
Where: The Void, MONA.
Sounds like: Imagine if Owl Eyes and Paul Kelly had a love child. This is what you would get: a combination of synth pop, strong vocals and sensitive songwriting.

Asta finished her Synergy tour in Hobart at MONA. So, a world class museum venue is now hosting concerts? Way to raise the bar for every other venue. As far as house parties are concerned, MONA proprietor David Walsh wins hands down. The performance was held in an area dubbed “The Void”, essentially a hallway, with a walless stage set up in front of Zhang Chen's trampoline artwork Danser la musique. With its towering sandstone walls and high ceiling, the perfect acoustics were provided for the powerhouse voice of Tasmanian singer-songwriter, and Triple J Unearthed winner of 2012, Asta.

Asta let her three piece band warm up the stage for a minute before she arrived to face an audience ranging from the ages of seven to seventy. The support from the myriad of friends, family and other connections in the audience was palpable. Here is a young girl from small town Cygnet in Tasmania, now finishing a national tour. Her achievements in the last few years have been nothing short of outstanding, and wholly deserved considering the performance she put on this night.

Asta opened the set with the Triple J Unearthed High Winning song ‘My Heart Is On Fire’. Her stage persona is an innocent intensity with an aura well beyond her years. The majority of her songs are carried by her voice, with nothing too original in the musical composition. The set list was a good mix of dance numbers and quieter, more reflective tunes. Her impressive cover of Flume's ’Holdin On’ caused obnoxious amounts of hip shaking in the crowd. A striking point of the set was when she played an acoustic song entitled ‘Oyster Shell’, on the guitar her own father made. Asta isn’t afraid to expose vulnerability in her lyrics, and the result is breathtaking. The set was finished with ‘I Need Answers’, and as she left the stage she betrayed her young age with excited jumps and fist pumps.

Asta admitted to being excited but also very nervous to perform. If she hadn't confessed, the crowd would never have known. She owned the stage, with uninhibited dancing to some songs, and carefully choreographed movements to others. Even if it is a masquerade, it is clear she belongs on the stage. Watching someone so young with so much talent is simultaneously unnerving and inspiring. Her achievements in the past two years make her one to watch in future.

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