The Paper Kites

The Paper Kites performed the last sold out show of their headline tour at the Forum Theatre in Melbourne on Saturday 28 September to celebrate the release of their highly anticipated debut album ‘States’.

Supported by the very talented and strong vocal performances from solo Queenslander Robbie Miller and Melbourne based duo Georgia Fair who both poured their hearts out strumming along fearlessly with their acoustic guitars.

Coloured weather balloons with interchanging images lit up the stage as Melbourne indie folk quintet The Paper Kites started off soft and slow as they warmed up the crowd with the light hearted and peaceful opening track ‘A maker of my time’.

The soothing new single ‘Young’ followed, taking the audience on a melodic journey full of delicately layered dreamy lyrics that as they sung felt like you had your “Head in a cloud”.

A talented trio of violinists (Vanguard Strings) joined in for the melancholic track ‘Paint’ while female vocalist Christina Lacey took the lead on the hauntingly beautiful ‘Cold Kind Heart’.

An old song not yet properly recorded called ‘Arms’, served as a soft acoustic number that silenced the crowd with a folksy charm and had couples locked in a loving embrace as they swayed along to the warm affectionate piece of music.

Crowd favorite ‘Bloom’ radiated an instant feeling of joy and happiness as lead male vocalist Sam Bentley serenaded the audience with delectably sweet lyrics, accompanied by a lightly strung banjo with contagious whistling and delightful ooh ooh’s.

‘Never heard a sound’ served as an ode to singer/songwriters paying homage to their great musical inspirations as both vocalists’ sung in duet along with a harmonica solo and a classic folk chord progression that instilled a sense of nostalgia.

A brass section joined the band on track ‘Featherstone’ as a feeling of calm swept over the audience.

The band was so excited to be playing at the Forum Theatre under the starry sky blue ceiling in their hometown that they had to capture the prized moment by taking a photo of the large crowd as they described "it’s one for the trophy room".

The Paper Kites are one of those uniquely gifted bands that have a natural ability to instantly captivate their listeners and take them to a euphoric place that just like a kite makes you feel as if you're floating in the air.

With four previously released EPs already under their belt and a brand new debut album just released, these Paper Kites have only just begun their high flying journey and I’m sure they will only continue to gain momentum as they are soon to embark on the international leg of their tour.
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