Pluto Jonze

Pluto Jonze

with Hey Geronimo

I’m willing to bet that almost anyone who has heard the incredibly catchy ‘Eject’ will attest to the fact that Pluto Jonze has the goods to join Australia’s growing lineup of talented indie pop music-makers. But after seeing him live for the first time last night I’m left with the impression that Jonze is already streets ahead, with a strong dose of 60s nostalgia washing over an experimental mix of tunes and Jonze’s omnipresent theremin never far away. Following the release of his debut album Eject, Jonze has embarked on a tour to celebrate and share his kooky lineup of very danceable tunes alongside guaranteed-good-time-creators Hey Geronimo. Last night they hit up Lambda in a very chilly Brisbane.

I’ve seen Hey Geronimo a few times before and haven’t been let down once. Last night was no different, with the Brisbane lads living up to their reputation as one of the most enthusiastic and happy bands alive. The crowd had grown to a fairly decent size by the time they hit the stage and it was difficult not to get swept up into the band’s bubble of energy. ‘Dreamboat Jack’ and ‘Co-Op Bookshop’ were also there and as catchy as ever and the bands played a few new-ish songs including their latest single ‘Lazer Gun Show.’ There were also a couple of hints as to what might feature on the band’s next EP and their debut LP which is scheduled for release next year. However the set well and truly belonged to the final three songs. When the oh-so distinctive guitar hook of ‘Carbon Affair’ kicked in, Hey Geronimo had the crowd in the palm of their hand, with ‘I Got No Money’ and ‘Why Don’t We Do Something?’ – probably the band’s best known song – sealing the deal. It was a super slick set from the local boys and a superb way to kick off the night.

A half-hour or so later, Jonze took to a totally transformed stage. Adorned with old-school television/computer screens and the extremely necessary theremin, the venue completely fit the vibe of show and even Jonze himself, with his pale suit jacket and mop top, added to the visual element of the show. ‘Plastic Bag In A Hurricane’ opened the set: a seriously impressive song and performance that drew pretty much everyone, including me, right into the show. After the banging anthemic start, the toned down vibe and smooth vocals of ‘Easily’ demonstrated Jonze’s versatility right away, a theme that continued throughout the night. ‘Love The World Like A Child’ and ‘Speak With Your Feet’ both seemed to strike a chord with the crowd, as did the candid and easy chatter that Jonze made between songs.

Jonze delivered a cracking cover of ‘Don’t Let Go (Love)’ by En Vogue, although it didn’t seem to quite resonate with the audience in the way his original material did. The utterly unpronounceable ‘Hispedangongonajelanguiro (Capiche?)’, on the other hand, went completely off as the first robot/human duet of the night and from there the jumping on the stage and dancing on the floor seemed to get a little more intense with each song. As one would expect, the night wound up with ‘Eject’, the deliriously catchy tune a fitting end to what was a fairly short but incredibly sweet set. I cannot wait to see what Jonze does next – whatever it is, it’s sure to please.
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