Thelma Plum

With Wolf & Napoleon

The Old Museum was the perfect setting for Australian songstress Miss Thelma Plum. Her set was a throwback to a simpler time in music, where story telling through songs and acoustic guitars were the feature. Thelma Plum sings about real life, and when she performed on stage she told stories.

Fellow storyteller Wolf & Napoleon also took the stage and gave a passionate performance. Singing songs about love, fear and society, Wolf & Napoleon commanded the attention of the crowd. His great use of a loop pedal added an extra dimension to his performance that was exciting to watch.

But it was Plum who really stole the show. Her beauty enraptured the crowd as she stepped on stage in a vintage red dress and blonde pixie cut. The Old Museum hosted her presence magnificently as if she were a piece of art that once hung on the walls of the heritage building. On stage with her was good friend Andrew Lowden, who played guitar and piano and sang backup. Plum's sweet vocals filled the room during her first few songs, which included the beautiful ballad ‘Breathe In Breathe Out’.

The crowd were all seated on the floor of the museum – a first for myself. We sat and stared up at the figure in red as she sang ‘Rosie’, an ode to her pet dog, and ‘Father Said’, during which she took up the guitar herself.

Plum's personality was as beautiful as the songs she sang. She joked innocently about the “dickheads” she dated right before telling us the name of the next song: ‘Nick Cave’. “I didn’t date Nick Cave!” was her response to that. Just as quirky were her tales about the songs she sang. One in particular was about ‘Around Here’: her 10-year-old cousin had changed the lyrics from “f*ck you” to “truck WOO”, a chorus she convinced the crowd to sing along with her.

A personal highlight was her enchanting cover of Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Games’. The chorus “No, I don’t want to fall in love”, took on new meaning when Plum sang the words.

It’s rare you come across a talent like Thelma Plum. A truly down to earth girl with skill to challenge the biggest names in music, she definitely has a long way to go...and she’s only going up from here.

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