Gold Fields

Gold Fields

with Phebe Starr

Ballarat five-piece Gold Fields are charming audiences up and down Australia with their 80s influenced electro-pop, celebrating the release of their debut record Black Sun with their Black Sun Tour. The tour takes the band to some of the biggest venues they’ve ever headlined at, and I headed along to Alhambra Lounge in Brisbane on Friday night for what was sure to be an exhilarating show.

I arrived just as the lovely Phebe Starr was opening her set with ‘Avery of Dreams.’ Starr’s phenomenal voice adds that extra something to her sweet brand of synth pop and seeing her perform was a treat, though her set was far too short for my liking. ‘Young Hearts’ and ‘The Worst Part’, from EP Zero were in there, but sadly the venue was still fairly empty and the audience seemed a bit disconnected. Starr’s single 'Jurassica' made waves with audiences earlier this year; and – finally – with the first familiar bars of the song the crowd started to get involved. Sadly by that time the set was almost over and I sort of wish that 'Jurassica' had been played earlier in the set because everything before it deserved the audience’s full attention as well. 'Alone With You' rounded out the set, which was wonderful live and a fitting ending to an impressive set.

The venue was buzzing and packed by the time Gold Fields kicked off their set and right from the start they had the crowd in the palms of hands. The dizzying lights created an electrifying atmosphere and though it would be easy to dismiss the band as yet another group popping out catchy dance-floor hits, Gold Fields is so much more. Black Sun is brimming with killer vocal and instrumental hooks and plenty of clever guitar, percussion and synth layering. Gold Fields has a very clear sound and direction but there is nothing tedious about their music. We were at the show to celebrate Black Sun, and celebrate it we did, with the set list featuring a heap of tracks off the album. ‘You’re Still Gone’ and ‘Happy Boy’ were both really impressive live, while ‘Meet My Friends’ and current single ‘Dark Again’ were huge hits with the crowd. A superb cover of Underworld’s ‘Born Slippy’ has become a bit of a mainstay in Gold Field’s live set, and the heavy electronic beats of ‘Moves’ wound up the set in the best way possible.

Gold Fields have built a reputation for explosive live shows and the pulsating crowd at Alhambra definitely affirmed this with a killer night of over-the-top dancing and seriously good tunes.
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