The Beards

The Beards

Since the release of their fantastic single ‘You Should Consider Having Sex With A Bearded Man’ and it’s subsequent placing in Triple J’s Hottest 100 in 2011, Adelaide’s greatest export (sorry, Hilltop) in The Beards have exploded in popularity. Thus on their very first world tour of sorts, the upgrade to one of Melbourne’s bigger venues in The HiFi was a clear indication of their success, especially when upon entering the venue and the room was considerably full.

However, despite all of their accolades, Saturday night’s venture to Melbourne’s HiFi bar was an experiment of sorts – Just how many songs in succession about beards is too much? I mean, on paper one can tell exactly what was going to occur at the gig before it even happens. It is exactly this sort of scepticism that I entered the gig with, unsure what the results would yield.

Inspecting the crowd it was clear that The Beards possess a decidedly likeminded fan base, with plenty of majestic beards growing from big, burley blokes in sight. From the beginning of the set, right to the end it was an absolute joy to watch them belt out the words to every beard related track possible. In particular, the rousing chorus of ‘You Should Consider...’ saw the night reach an ultimate high, its unmistakable chorus being bellowed back at the band. It was also at this point where the sense of community in the crowd was quite startling, as if they were all part of a slightly furry religion.

The most impressive thing about The Beards is, despite being one of those dreaded novelty bands; they manage to retain a high quality of musicianship. Johan Bearddraven possesses an impressive falsetto to go with his more swagger filled undertone, as well as some excellent saxophone chops. While the band as a whole are more than familiar in the art of writing a catchy hook (see the chorus of ‘If Your Dad Doesn’t Have a Beard You’ve Got Two Mums’), even if the lyrical content does become tiresome after an hour.

While an extended sing-along of solely beard related music might be a bit much for some, Saturday night was proof that The Beards fill an important niche within Australian music. Rarely does a band leave an audience so entertained as what The Beards did to the HiFi’s crowd, simply through wonderful showmanship and well-written songs. Furthermore, their sharp rise in popularity only suggests that more and more punters are being swooned by a bit of facial hair and excellent music.

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