Strange Geronimo

Strange Geronimo

Friday night marked the first date of the ever-so exciting ‘Strange Geronimo’ tour, with Melbourne synthpop princes Strange Talk teaming up with Brisbane indie pop act Hey Geronimo for a high-voltage night of revelry at Brisbane’s Alhambra Lounge. We made it in just as Hey Geronimo was hitting the stage.

The band is known for its live shows and, full of energy and enthusiasm, they lit up the stage from the get-go. The set list included a bunch of older favourites from their Hey Geronimo EP, alongside a number of new songs to be included on the band’s upcoming EP. ‘Co-Op Bookshop’ and ‘Dreamboat Jack’ were there, their catchy choruses and sing-a-long lyrics getting the crowd up on their feet. I didn’t catch the names of any of the new songs, but the one that guitarist Ross wrote “about his [girlfriend’s] car going on an underwater adventure” was especially good, and struck a particularly emotional chord if you followed frontman Pete’s advice to “imagine it’s your car.”

‘Carbon Affair’ and ‘I Got No Money’ – two of Hey Geronimo’s most popular songs – had almost everyone in the venue, including the band, jumping up and down, and the band’s latest release ‘The Dan Kelly Song’ was also a hit. Hey Geronimo rounded out their set with ‘Why Don’t We Do Something?’ which is, in my opinion, one of the best songs ever for putting on your dancing shoes.

After a brief break, Strange Talk took the stage and ‘Cast Away’ got things started with a bang. The band’s debut album Cast Away was released earlier this year, an electro synthpop gem, and Strange Talk brought a number of its tunes to the stage. ‘We Can Pretend’ and the latest single ‘Picking Up All The Pieces’ were fantastic, and ‘Sexual Lifestyle’ from a few years back was definitely a hit with the crowd.

Taking things up another notch, ‘Falling In Love’ turned the venue into a full-on rave cave, and ‘Climbing Walls’ finished off a night that left me – and everyone else – on a high. Frontman Stephen was incredibly good live. His energy didn’t seem to wane once and as a ‘performer’ he was fantastic, interacting really well with the rest of the band and getting into the music 100%.

Hey Geronimo and Strange Talk both delivered impressively high-energy performances with so much fervour it was near impossible not to dance. It’s actually really difficult to convey just how much joy the performances generated through words alone, but if you take all the descriptive words I’ve used and multiply their meaning a couple of hundred times, you’re getting close. There are still a heap of dates to come in the Strange Geronimo tour and tickets are still available, so if you’re up for a night of groovy tunes and outrageous dancing, get on it.
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