Owl Eyes

Owl Eyes at Corner Hotel, 1st June 2013

Owl Eyes' (Brooke Addamo) debut album Night Swim reminds me of female vocalists like Nina Kinert, Beth Orton, and Lykke Li. Night Swim is a multi-dimensional piece of artwork, introducing a good mix of tracks interestingly integrated Pop / Folk / Electro / Australian-Indie music. I've a feeling that it will be something special to be experienced live, and that's what urges me to visit Owl Eyes at Corner Hotel.

You can never compare a track recorded at studio and a track performed live. Could you compare watching Animal Planet on TV and personally witnessing a Cheetah accelerating to 60 mph in three seconds? No. Live, you feel something with all your senses and have a direct interaction with the artist. The music is personal and an expression of who they are. The performance renders an interactive space between the artists and the audiences by fashion, light, smoke, visuals, and of course - music.

At about 10:30 at Corner Hotel, the album’s opening songs 'Nightswim' and 'Hurricane' got the set started and cultivated an immersive and sensational vibe across the venue. Following tracks such as ‘Diamonds In Her Eyes’, ‘Love Run Dry’, and ‘Find Out’ broke my initial impressions of the songs. I was thoroughly captivated by how well they were translated at live. They were much richer, more affirmative, and far more engaging. The whole room was captivated. Incredible performances were followed by one song after another, and we were all charmed and could not get enough of Owl Eyes' pleasant music.

The set was closed by two of my personal favorites on the album, ‘Golden Lies’ and ‘Closure’. Special guests were invited onto the stage to join Brooke for a dance. The energy accumulated fast and accelerated quickly. An astonishing end to an amazing show.

I'm looking forward to Owl Eyes’ future works, and it'll be interesting to see what direction the music will take, and how the mix of influences are going to be brought into the new tracks. Judging from Owl Eyes’ talents in both her recorded work and live performances, I am certain Owl Eyes will introduce us all to more beautiful music.

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