Wolver Single Launch

Wolver Single Launch

With Bec and Ben & Young Night

Considering Brisbane usually gets about 30 minutes worth of actual winter weather a year, tonight is absolutely freezing for those of us who live north of the border. The breeze is funneling up Brunswick Street like a wind tunnel, as Thursday night revelers shiver their way into the assortment of bars, seeking the warmth of heaters which are ablaze. Alhambra Lounge is the setting for tonight’s show: a medium sized, couch filled, dark venue that has grown into something of a foothold in the Brissie live music scene.

First to hit the stage tonight are locals, Young Night. It’s a shame these boys are on so early as it appears most of the would-be audience are snuggled up on their couches at home. But low crowd aside, the four-piece do their best to get tonight’s gathering revved up and all in all, they do a good job. It’s not often you see a bass-playing lead singer but Will is killing it tonight. His raspy vocals are strong; a mix of Caleb Followill, Julian Casablancas and Alex Turner all in one.

‘Sour’ is a stand out track, further showing off the band’s Kings Of Leon influences, complete with four check-print shirts in true KOL style. It’s really refreshing to see a young band not playing over the top of each other. The steady shuffling drums sit nicely in behind the strong vocal harmonies and dueling guitar melodies. These boys have got their sound wired and even manage to mix in some Vampire Weekend stylings on new track ‘Picasso’.

Second up tonight is Sydney-based duo (tonight including a third member on bass) Bec and Ben. The female-half of the outfit Bec is the driving force behind tonight’s performance. She oozes grunge attitude, and stands tall behind a couple of floor toms and belting out her angst-filled lyrics. It’s almost a Black Keys-esque sound with some really effective female/male call and respond vocals. I’ve always been a fan of this style of band, it takes guts to have such a stripped down line up and still produce enough noise to fill a partly crowded venue. Bec and Ben do it really well and by the end of their set tonight the crowd has grown considerably and are getting into the groove.

However, it seems that everyone is here for tonight for Brissie locals, Wolver. The four-piece have clearly developed a solid following as a crowd of barely 18-year-olds rush to the front of stage in anticipation of the first song. I’ve never seen these boys before but their happy-go-lucky attitude up on stage is infectious. It’s hard not to have a smile on your face as the guys jump around between themselves and their groupies. Their brand of guitar-heavy ambient rock is refreshing and extremely tight. It’s actually nice to know that a band who seem so carefree on stage, are clearly well rehearsed and have done a lot of work behind the scenes. New single ‘Dare’ is a great example of what these boys are about, interesting arrangements, Cure-style vocals, guitar reverb and delay.

As I leave Alhambra Lounge tonight I had almost forgotten about the sub-zero walk back to my car. Maybe that’s exactly what nights like tonight are for - a few hours to get lost in some great up-and-coming music and leave all your shit with the security guard at the front door on your way in.
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