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Flume (aka Harley Streten) burst onto the music scene well and truly in 2012 after his epic remix of Hermitude’s ‘Hyper Paradise’. This remix, coupled with the original hit ‘Sleepless’ launched Harley’s career, so much so that his debut album Flume reached the number one spot on the Aria Charts. Early 2013 brought the announcement of Harley’s first ever headlining tour. The Thebarton Theatre was chosen to host Flume and supporting act Chet Faker's Adelaide leg of the Infinity Prism tour, and what an electric show it was.

Chet Faker, another Australian electronica artist, set the mood for the night with a very clean set. Opening with a cover of ‘Archangel’ by British dubstep artist Burial, Chet demonstrated clearly why his is one of Australia’s best vocalists right now. His melancholic tonality and unwavering ability continued as he and his band performed selections form his 2012 EP Thinking In Textures. Tracks such as the brilliant single 'I’m Into You' were a hit with the crowd, and the closer ‘No Diggity’ was the perfect warm up for the main act. Just as Chet’s vocals were pitch perfect, his supporting band excelled just as well. The drum work was some of the cleanest I have heard live and the soulful bass and guitar coupled perfectly.

After a short intermission, Flume and his “Infinity Prism” took the stage. Opening with the heavy track ‘More Than You Thought’, Flume made good use of playing live by mixing on stage and incorporating a drum machine which he played himself. He then went on to play many of the hits from his debut album Flume.

‘Holdin On’ with is hip-hop influences and heavy bass was a crowd pleaser and one of the big sing-a-long tracks in the show. Similarly, ‘Sleepless’ got the crowd very excited and lifted the mood in the Thebby tenfold.

Other lesser known tracks such as ‘Sintra’ and ‘Bring You Down’ were highlights and really displayed the variance in Flume’s style of music. Streten also played the well loved What So Not remix of Major Lazer’s ‘Get Free’; a mix that blends Major Lazer’s style with the trap influence of Flume. The set closed with a brand new remix of Rustie’s ‘Slasherr’, one of Streten’s more frenetic tracks, but brilliant to hear live.

It was then no surprise when he then made a return to the stage for a 4 track encore. Beginning with an older remix of his, Flume still managed to keep the crowd dancing after the hour he had already played. Chet Faker joined him on stage for the next two songs, performing the vocals to the track ‘Left Alone’ as well as a brand new song that was just as mesmerising with Chet’s vocals. The encore closed with the mix that started it all – ‘Hyperparadise’. In one last, bass ridden, bleary free for all, Streten made the crowd go crazy.

It would be a mistake to neglect mentioning the brilliant light and visual display that played throughout the whole show. The "Infinity Prism" was the key focal point of the light show. The prism being a six-sided mirror trick that gave the impression that the lights were continuing for infinity. It was hypnotic to watch. Coupled with the visual display happening above, Harley was given an extra dimension to his performance that really added to the futuristic vibe of his set.

Adeladeian’s were given a treat when Flume came to town. An Australian artist that could rival the best international producers, Harley really demonstrated why he is at the top of Australian music.

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