Tales in Space

Tales in Space

with Enola Fall

Last night was the very first of the ‘Shades’ single launch tour for Tales in Space. Teaming up with Enola Fall and traipsing all the way down the east coast, the duo are bringing their super catchy electro rock to the stage and proving that their tunes are even more fun live than they are on the radio.

Brisbane’s Alhambra Lounge was still a bit bare when Enola Fall took to the stage but that didn’t seem to faze the band at all. Although I wasn’t familiar with their music prior to the show, the Tasmanian indie rockers delivered on energy and volume with a short but sweet set that had me tapping my toes. With punchy drums and guitar and intense but catchy vocals, the crowd definitely got into the four-piece’s distinctive tunes. That being said, there was plenty of variety within the set and the conversation between Enola Fall and the audience between songs made it even better. All in all, it was a solid set, perfect for getting the energy flowing on a chilly Thursday night.

Tales in Space started their set with a bang, and although the crowd hadn’t grown to be huge, everyone seemed to be digging the tunes. I think the duo’s sound is really interesting – the beguiling combination of different electronic samples and traditional guitars and drums creates quite a mesmerising sound that’s difficult to get out of your head. It might have just been me but I did sense that the band may have been a little nervous. Nevertheless, Tales in Space played a bunch of cracking material that I hadn’t heard before, some of which we’ll probably hear on the forthcoming debut album which will be released in July. Latest single ‘Shades’ has been getting heaps of airplay and rave reviews lately and it got the crowd especially excited, resulting in some pretty crazy dancing. They finished with a very cool rendition of Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky,’ which translated exceptionally well to Tales in Space distinctive guitar/drum/synth setup.
It was a promising show from a band starting to make a name for itself and with a heap more shows lined up in the next few weeks, I can see Tales in Space getting bigger and better with each performance. I’m intrigued, and I’m looking forward to hearing what Tales in Space does next.
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