Matt and Kim

with Jackie Onassis and Citizen Kay

Bursting onto stage Matt and Kim’s energy was explosive from the get go and didn’t waiver or slow even an inch for the next 90minutes.

There’s something to be said for a two piece band who create such immeasurable amounts of energy and excitement on stage. It’s infectious and just dam fun! It left everybody in the room feeling warm and fuzzy with big smiles on their dials. Watching Matt and Kim is like watching two young kids up on stage who have just been given instruments for the first time in their lives and told that they can sing. Every smack of the drum that Kim hit was the most exciting and enjoyable thing she had ever done with her partner in crime (and in the bedroom as they both frequently reminded us) by her side.

It was hard not to be engaged in this show. With Matt and Kim both actively talking to the crowd, thanking the crowd and encouraging crowd participation. At one point Kim recognised that there was a birthday group in the room, all wearing party hats, she gave them a shout out before plonking a party hat on her own head. Towards the end of the show she even walked out on top of the crowds hands all whilst rocking out and moving her body like nothing else.

Another feature that made the night a nonstop party was the heavy bass drops between songs, this was almost more fun than them playing their set as everybody in the room followed their lead by getting down low to the big dirty ghetto beats, it literally meant not a break was had for the sexy duo or the crowd.

The room already had a Hip Hop injection thanks to the two support acts Citizen Kay and Jackie Onasis’, both up and coming Aussie hip hop heads who will no doubt be blowing up in the near future. Look out for shows from these guys as they certainly got the buzz started in the room.

In those few moments where Matt and Kim weren’t playing or spinning beats their friendly Brooklyn banter was enjoyed by all. With numerous references of home and many reasons why they like Sydney so much, it was clear that these two love what they do and feel so lucky that this is how they earn a living.

By the end of the set nobody could stop moving or smiling. The finale came with a dose of Better Off Alone by Alice DJ tangled in with drum beats and mixes. This followed by Matt jumping into the crowd and being bombarded by hugs, kisses, gropage (of the good kind of course) and plenty of Instagram uploads of his diehard fans and his gorgeous self.

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