The Trouble With Templeton

The Trouble With Templeton

With Devin Luke and Sleepy Tea

Indie folk rockers The Trouble With Templeton have established themselves as one of Australia’s best new talents, and after the success of their first national headline ‘Six Months In A Cast’ tour last year and a bunch of shows in America, they’re back to make some more noise and celebrate the release of their latest single ‘Like A Kid’. I headed along to their show at Alhambra Lounge in Brisbane on Thursday, ready for a night of rollicking good tunes.

Devin Luke took to the stage first, a solo artist armed with a guitar and a brilliant voice. Smooth and bold and strong, he really drew the audience in with a choice set of acoustic jams. Sadly, his set was only five or six songs long. I would have loved to have heard more, and the murmur of disappointment when Luke announced his final song indicated that the rest of the audience felt the same. Currently, he has one song, ‘Never Been This Way’, available on iTunes, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for something more soon.

The next band to grace us with their presence was Sleepy Tea. Their name pretty much guaranteed that I would love them (Seriously, ‘Sleepy Tea’? How can you not love it?), and the Brisbane-born five-piece gave one hell of a performance that definitely assured that love. The band describes themselves as ‘a little bit atmospheric’ with ‘some sweet-ass electronic moments’ and I couldn't agree more. Sleepy Tea’s psychedelic, ambient, set was incredible. It seemed like everyone around me was in a trance, and the soaring vocals had the whole crowd transfixed, a mess of gooey eyes and dreamy smiles. They played a bunch of songs from their EP, The Place Where We Lay, and their strong stage presence ensured a top-notch performance. Also, someone started break dancing just before the last song. That’s how much of an effect their music had.

After such a wonderful start to the night by the support acts, I think we were all pretty excited for The Trouble With Templeton. A lot of the audience took advantage of the comfy chairs and couches earlier in the night, but as the headline act come onstage, the crowd gathered around the stage for what would be a gloriously intimate show. The band started with ‘Six Months In A Cast,’ which got everyone moving with its urgent beat and know-it-by-heart lyrics. The band’s distinctive folk rock sound was even better live, with a set list heaving with new material from the upcoming album, scheduled for release in the middle of the year. ‘Like A Kid’ was a crowd favourite, the explosive and energetic tune demonstrating the band’s versatility and major songwriting chops. The five-piece’s frontman Thomas Calder chatted easily with the crowd between songs, and the show was made all the more special by an incredible solo performance by guitarist Hugh Middleton that blew me (and everyone else!) away.

It was definitely a show to remember and I’m beyond excited to see where The Trouble With Templeton goes next.
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