Midnight Juggernauts

After a considerable break from touring, the legendary Midnight Juggernauts were back in town to warm up their classics and road test some new tracks from their upcoming third LP.

Coming into a gig of this calibre, there's an expectation set as to how the night's proceedings will unravel. The opening act will be good; they will play a few fun tracks and warm up the crowd before they eventually enjoy the headline band's new singles; and it all climaxes with a classic dance floor favourite that end's the night. It's certainly a good formula, but this particular show blew that expectation out of the park. It was one hell of a night.

Providing the support for the Juggernauts’ whirlwind east-coast tour is the delightful YesYou; traveling from their native Brisbane through to Melbourne to help warm up the crowds. To be perfectly honest, they could’ve easily been the headline act and no one would’ve noticed. They were fun, engaging and had a whole string of catchy, indie tunes to boot. By trade, they're a production duo, but their transition into a live quartet is their most valuable move to date.

YesYou’s set was tight and incredibly well rehearsed, with highlights coming from their singles ‘Frivolous Life’ and ‘Half of It’. The defining moment of their set was an incredible cover of Hot Chip’s ‘One Life Stand’, which almost put the original to shame. It was that good. YesYou were simply outstanding and provided the perfect start to the night.

After a quick interval, the curtains re-opened and the Melbourne trio emerged, looking fresh and excited to be back on the road to show off their new material. Opening with some new tracks, their set was a tad shaky at first, but eventually, the Juggernauts found their groove and after including a few hit singles (namely ‘Tomorrow Today’ and ‘Into The Galaxy’), the crowd was firmly in their hand. Powering through a career-spanning set of synth-heavy anthems, the Juggernauts were in their finest form and certainly built up plenty of hype around their new album and single ‘Ballad of the War Machine’.

“Something magical is about to happen”, frontman Vincent Vendetta uttered as he invited an unknown Chris to the stage. Chris had contacted the band on facebook to organise an appearance. And magical it was.
Chris described his relationship to his girlfriend through listening to Midnight Juggernauts, which was obviously the preface to a proposal, but with an unexpected twist, the band burst into Marvin Gaye’s ‘Let’s Get It On’ as he serenaded and eventually proposed to his girlfriend. Good luck topping that one, gentlemen of Australia!

Happy endings aside, the concert was truly incredible, a showcase of two bands on the top of their game in a venue too small for each band individually. Hopefully the Juggernauts got the response they needed in order to put out another solid album and come back to us with another great tour. They’re always going to be one of Australia’s favourite live acts and tonight simply re-affirmed that fact.
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