Future Music Festival 2013: The day that rocked Sydney

Future Music Festival 2013: The day that rocked Sydney

While the streets of Sydney were abnormally quiet, the fields of Randwick Racecourse were stampeded by thousands of music lovers who had gathered to be a part of 2013’s rendition of Woodstock.
There I was, my inner ‘90s rocker exposed with vintage overalls and a bandana (the staple outfit of the festival). Aided with a face full of sun scream and a stomach filled with bourbon, I was ready to take on the biggest names in the music business.

My day kicked off with British multi-instrumentalist, Ellie Goulding, whom enchanted the stage with her mystical yet warm aura and a starry LED backdrop. Her howling, husky voice conjured the thought of a werewolf cross banshee. Whatever mythical beast you classify her as, it sounded pretty damn good.
She proceeded to do what most of her pop vocalist peers do not do, she exhibited her multi-instrumentalist skills by pounding on the drums as she sung to the crowd, garnering various cheers from the crowd.
The moderate roar rose to a loud howl as gold certified track ‘Anything Could Happen’ played, the much-awaited song of the set.
Her ethereal portrayal of the song transcended the amazing, festival feeling you hear so much about across the grounds and filled the festivalgoers hearts with a craving. A craving for amazing music.

After enjoying the magical electro-pop of Ellie Goulding, the stammering sound of “Party and bullshit… And party and bullshit” began chiming in the back of my mind as I remembered that another British songstress, Rita Ora, was currently on another stage. It was as if the Gods of music had called me to the crowd at the right moment as the party war cry of the summer was being chanted by dozens of people as I arrived, including the stunning blonde singer. Dressed in a floral crop top and pant combo, Ora had a fantastic stage presence that reminded everyone in the crowd that they were in the company of current British pop royalty.

The standout act of the day came in the form of New York indie band fun. The trio marched on stage promptly after the conclusion of the previous act and were ready for battle. Eccentric front man Nate Reuss was easy to spot but not just from his striking good looks, he sported a blue t-shirt coupled with leather shorts and black tights. On any other male artist that day, this outfit would have been completely nonsensical but on Reuss, it just worked!
The band oozed passion as they churned out hit after hit to the massive crowd of loyal followers who sang along to every word.
They began with their latest anthem, ‘Carry On’ which saw every living creature in the audience bellow out the chorus with the band. It seemed that even their not-as-well-known album tracks were just as big a hit as their singles, as there was not one moment where people had the opportunity to zone out or even think about leaving the stage to visit another band. This was clearly the place to be.
An exciting moment during the set was when Reuss delicately sung the words that everyone had been waiting for. The global call to arms for all music lovers. The words that had propelled them from unknown indie band to international, grammy-winning superstars. “Give me a second, I need to get my story straight…”
It was at that moment that people were unsure as to whether they should sing along to the lyrics or scream out in sheer joy.
With the energy at a fever pitch, the band closed with their anthemic, party track ‘Some Nights’, which saw Reuss prove that his resounding passion in the music video was far from an act, it is the inner rock god that comes to life when he is put face to face with a microphone and a sea of people.
Every single person in that crowd was beaming with exuberance even after the band had excited the stage, convinced that they had witnessed something brilliant. fun. were like a hit of adrenalin that energized the crowd enough to get through the rest of the day.

Luckily, after having made my way through the crowd to enjoy fun., I was now in prime position to view the next act which came in the form of controversial Harlem born rapper, Azealia Banks. After having watched her side show, I was well aware of the mind blowing performance I was in for.
Banks stormed the stage with bucket loads of tude, proving that she didn’t even try to tone down the brashness of her mouth; opening with the line ”It’s hot as fucking fuck!”
As Banks performed rap after rap, it became evident that the crowd weren’t taking to her songs as well as expected, until the conclusion of her set when she played ground breaking rap ‘212’ which restarted the party. This left the question in my mind as to whether she is best known for her music or for her extremely public battles with celeb blogger Perez Hilton, rapper Angel Haze and after that fateful day, Rita Ora.

After the conclusion of the day’s mainstream pop acts, I refueled at the bar then rejoined the crowd; ready for the world’s best DJs to rap up the day with incredible dance sets. Starting with Madeon, the renowned French teenager with a ground-breaking craft for taking songs and turning them into masterpieces. While initially awing at his petite figure, it was soon learned that this mysterious young man was actually an electro-genius who knew how to turn on a crowd.

This was followed by cheeky British rapper, Dizzee Rascal, with a hit filled set including ‘Fix Up, Look Sharp, ‘Dance Wiv Me’ and ‘Baseline Junkie’. But it wasn’t until his international triumph ‘Bonkers’ that the crowd were possessed with the song’s spirit and ensued into the world of bonkers.

By this stage, the sun had gone down, the liquid energy had worn off and the music-loving fiend inside me was ready for bed. I jumped on the bus and left the venue with the divine gift of being able to say that I have witnessed some of the world’s greatest acts all in one day.
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