Top 5 Reasons Why Kerser Is The Sickest

Top 5 Reasons Why Kerser Is The Sickest

In a word Emcee Kerser’s musical bent is darn abrasive. The Sydney-based rapper is peddled as ‘the sickest’ - which presumably entitles him to swear a whole bunch - and his Nike-swaddled brand is going great guns coast to Australian coast. The public like him because he treads the line all good emcees must; to appear to have fun while dropping cautionary bombs. I like him because he wears shoes on his hands and sampled that really good Fuel song. Here are five of the more interesting things he’s done on and off-stage:

5. Puranaz everywhere

As I understand it, Mike the shoe is white and blue and his rhymes do the rounds often over at Kerser HQ.

4. Puranaz again

The quest for corporate sponsorship continues. An awesome freestyle take besides.

3. Kerser defends his title as the sickest

Literally. Nobody forgot.

2. Live spit

He just keeps going and going. Crazy effort.

1. He can get the crowd to rock, hand it to him

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