Top 5 Festival Road Trip Cars

Top 5 Festival Road Trip Cars

Given it is festival season, and current indie culture mandates that all festival goers must transit to their shindig of choice in one of about fifty designated rusty pumpkin wagons, we thought it’d be cool to narrow the pool down a bit. Here are 5 cars you need to choose from if you don’t give a shit about the music and keenly embrace breaking down as a means to meet hunky guys in passing fourbies somewhere along the Western Ring Road.

5. 1987 Volvo 240 B230F GL
Perfect for Falls Festival punters

This model of Volvo, as far as I know, featured in a Big M TV ad not long ago with a few blonde babes and some coastline. It’s a wagon, so it’ll carry your shit, but its real strength is the robust metal chassis. Use it Sherman tank-style to push campers off of your ideal spot when you get where you’re going.

4. 1996 Nissan Skyline R33 GTS
Perfect for Stereosonic punters

When it comes to mainstream electronic music festivals the main event always unfolds in the car park. Inevitably, gridlock chatter will turn to exhaust tips, and when that time comes, you’ve got to make sure you’ve got the biggest one in your immediate vicinity. The Skyline GTS is a sports model (I presume) as well so you’re guaranteed some added beef. Just remember it’s a manual so you’ll only have one free hand to rend your singlet in two and swing it out the window come admission time.

3. 1972 Holden Kingswood HQ
Perfect for Big Day Out punters

Nothing says ‘Backspacer was actually alright’ like a farty old HQ ute. If you’re a Kingswood guy – or gal, as is often the case with bogan festivals – you favour tarps and multiple inverters so you can plug in a Reject Shop sandwich press and micro-tanning bed at the same time. Also, it helps if you think of the tray as a pedestal from which you can hurl Melbourne Bitter cans at Arcade Fire fans who actually dressed up.

2. 2001 Jeep Wrangler TJ Sport
Perfect for Future Music punters

You’ll need a Wrangler if you’re an innately obnoxious arsehole who yearns for traffic jams en route to shows so you can either wave like the Pope or scream like an idiot at captive commuters. Jeeps are essentially the vehicle for narcissistic brats. Jeeps are basically limos that go upwards.

1. 1999 Hyundai Excel X3 GX
Perfect for bloody legends

These puppies may seem underwhelming but my folks had one a few years back and they carry everything. Literally everything. At one stage we managed to sit 10 pine sleepers, two cases of Stella, and four heavy-set adult blokes in the cabin from Toorak to Whittlesea. That’s 100-odd kilometres spent in sweaty discomfort but in my family the voyage is the stuff of legend. Take it to any festival this year and you’re commuting at a royal level. And that’s that.
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