Top 5 Eddie Vedder Moments

Top 5 Eddie Vedder Moments

SO everyone’s favourite reformed grunge oddball – let’s just call him Eddie – is touring Australia next year (see all the details on the tour here). The 48-year-old surfer-cum-shaman-cum-troubadour is undoubtedly looking to put a stamp on a 30-year stint within his own microcosm of rock come February, so we thought we’d help by running through his greatest moments to date. And inadvertently, his greatest hairstyles.

5. Eddie’s charity work

Eddie is a philanthropic bloke underneath it all. He supports almost a dozen charities and causes, including Artists for Peace and Justice and the David Lynch Foundation. Below is a video of the two titans of art having a chat about the sweetness of giving and personal change. Let it warm you.

4. His ‘curse’

No list would be complete without a mention of Eddie’s songwriting talent, and that brings us to an obligatory mention of Ten, the record he helped to pen into quintessence. In this video for Pearl Jam’s Storytellers gig, Eddie describes the story behind their hit song ‘Alive’, a tune that has come to signify in rock lore a kind of curse he had to work through personally. And thank the good Lord he did.

3. His totally tubular Mohawk

Eddie has had a few hairstyles over his time, as all good grunge bruisers must. Here’s a video of a younger Vedder inducting The Ramones into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and looking mighty radical besides. Granted, his ‘do is something of an elephant in the ceremoniously -appointed room, and of course he addresses it. Top bloke.

2. His work for the Into the Wild soundtrack

We’ve dumped, for your convenience, the entire soundtrack from the 2007 Sean Penn flick Into the Wild. It features Eddie in a kind of solitary field; most tracks are left to mandolins and heady floor-toms. It also features some of the most spiritually profound lyrical matter he has released to date. Take this line from ‘Rise’: “Gonna rise up, find my direction magnetically”. Very cool.

1. His fondness for jumping from high things

If you’re one of the few who claim to dislike Eddie’s or Pearl Jam’s music, okay, but you cannot deny he had some skill in climbing on shit and jumping onto people. Below is a compilation video of just that: A sweaty and pingin’ Vedder specifically not singing. We at The Dwarf say, in closing, you shouldn’t wait with bated breath for any death defying Spiderman shit next year.

Eddie Vedder will be performing a string of dates next February once the Big Day Out Wraps Up.

Eddie Vedder 2014 Solo Australian Tour

Friday 7th February - Riverside Theatre, Perth

Saturday 8th February - Riverside Theatre, Perth

Tuesday 11th February - State Theatre, Sydney

Thursday 13th February - Opera House, Sydney

Sunday 16th February - Palais Theatre, Melbourne

Tuesday 18th February - Palais Theatre, Melbourne

Saturday 22nd February - QPAC Concert Hall, Brisbane

Sunday 23rd February - QPAC Concert Hall, Brisbane
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