The Spazzys Go Bananas Overseas!

After a successful overseas tour, The Spazzys are back in Australia and are rocking around Australia in late July


Bec Barron caught up with Kat Spazzy recently to talk about how they originally started, the overseas tour and of all things, fruit.


The Spazzys formed a couple of years ago when the girls (Kat, Lucy and Alice) decided that they didn't want to work nine to five nor did they want to flip burgers after they finished high school, so they decided to form a band.


One problem was that none of them could play an instrument.


When asked if it was more difficult to decide who was going to play what instrument or learning to play, Kat says, "It was harder actually learning to play."


And if they had given up on the idea of the band? "We'd just be miserable!" she says. With severe depression warded off thanks to the aid of their record collection The Ramones, Radio Birdman and The Ronettes just to name a few, the girls are inspired.


But it's not just music that gets their hearts racing, Kat says, "wild cars, street fights and stupidly drunk people inspire us a lot."


The world of a rock star is like a dream come true for the girls, and if The Spazzys had to organise their dream gig, you'd see The Dictators, Buddy Holly, Shangri Las and the Sailors, on the bill.


Certainly a fun gig! And that's what it's all about really - The Spazzys record, Aloha! Go Banana's, was named so "because it sounded like fun," Kat says, and it's hear the conversation takes a strange turn. What type of fruit you be??


"We would not under any circumstances be a piece of fruit!"


Kat also declares that Australia has the best beer (But the beer drinkers of Australia already knew that fact), something that was definitely missed on their recent overseas tour. The girls were well received by audiences in America and Europe but more than a business trip (do the Spazzys even know the meaning of the word?) it was all about (there's that word again) FUN!


"We partied so hard it was disgusting. New York City was the best," says Kat highlighting their gig at Club Backstage in Maastricht, Netherlands with The Saturday night Beavers and Centrefold as there most memorable gig on the tour.


"We tore that place a new arsehole," Kat said.


Their overseas fans unfortunately have a large amount of difficulty tracking down The Spazzys records and merchandise but "that's gonna change," she says.


What does the future hold? Kat says they are not quite sure, except for the fact that it may be, "something totally ridiculous".

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