The Short List: 5 Killer Tracks From 'White Women'

The Short List: 5 Killer Tracks From 'White Women'

American funk-pop-rock-wedding-singer-types are all that right now, apparently, and Chromeo are even more that than that. Few can argue against suits and bouffant style-cuts and keyboards with sexy legs and lyrical winks about love being a sweaty verb, we figure. They've a new album coming out in a few weeks called White Women. Here are five tracks to get you loose:

5. Jealous (I Ain't With It)

Chromeo ought to not beat themselves up. This glitz-heavy synth-feast of a track proves they are irrefutably with whatever or whomever their music mandates they should be. We suppose the jealously is designed to lay with the arrested listener.

4. Come Alive (featuring Toro Y Moi)

It's our assessment that 'Come Alive' is the premiere crowd-delight-er atop a catalogue of crowd-delight-ers. Toro Y Moi is slick, like you can always rely on him to be.

3. Sexy Socialite

This one is for all the sexy socialites out there, such as they are. You've been addressed personally to wig out to totally chic white-hot-gain-drum-machine loops and bass dribblin'.

2. Over Your Shoulder

'Over Your Shoulder' features a pretty busy arrangement, led as ever by sure bass work and topped by spectral doppler synths. Lots of Le Freak-y guitar wick-wack too, which is always pleasurable to the soul-tuned ear.

1. Ezra's Interlude (featuring Ezra Koenig)

Dave and Ezra work incredibly well together in this slow-ride electro lounge ballad. Dave is crisp and sultry, Koenig cutesy. Drum machines and reverberated clicks bring it all together.

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