The Short List: 5 Awesome Tunes From 'Built On Glass'

The Short List: 5 Awesome Tunes From 'Built On Glass'

Chet Faker day is finally upon us. Built on Glass is out. The LP features 12 tracks encompassing about a billion musical codes, which we figure is known to be Faker's thing, and for the most part seems to be something confidently new. In the interest of wetting appetites and otherwise encouraging discourse then here are five tunes from you'll need to hear in deciding whether Chet's material is for you. Prediction? It will be.

5. 1998

Mr Faker has described '1998' as being his 'house tune'. Accompaniment is shonky in his way, but the four-to-the-floor rhythm is straight and true. Interestingly both the included hi-hat samples and barpy synths remind of early 90s' dance tunes.

4. Talk Is Cheap

Positively everybody has said something about the sax lines in this tune, and they are great, but Chet's succinct lyrics take point. "You're too comfortable to know". "I'm a novel, made resourceful". Also there's a delightfully crunchy snare you hear every bar that sits really nice in the mix.

3. No Advice (Airport Version)

There's something quite Albarn-esque about this track. Short, ambient, seemingly directionless. If you consider Built on Glass to be a concept record in any way then 'No Advice (Airport Version)' serves as a dulcet pacer. Not a break, a musical introspection.

2. Gold

When the drum tracks hit in this tune, Chet's direction changes almost seamlessly. What starts as something faintly bluesy becomes dance-y, dubby, jazzy, acidic. He's great at pushing himself as kind of doomed and semi-nonchalant.

1. Dead Body

The ease with which Chet recreates swelling R'n'B is truly astounding. It's 90s' flavoured and swung. And that Ritchie guitar solo he's commissioned: whoa.

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