The Short List: 5 Artists Looking As Bored As Andre 3000

The Short List: 5 Artists Looking As Bored As Andre 3000

Much has been said about Andre 3000's passive-aggressive nonchalance during his set with OutKast at Coachella yesterday. For whatever reason - we could probably name a few ourselves, but no matter - Mr 3k appeared less than pleased to be sauntering around the duo's modestly-appointed festival stage. The reunion was not what hip-hop aficionados thought it'd be, and many are beginning to jump ship.

Hang on, we say. Here're five artists that prove, regardless of genre or gender, looking bored is a skill not solely possessed by prodigal monoliths.

5. M.I.A.on Letterman

M.I.A. is pretty well-known for standing around liked a stunned mullet while reciting her rhymes verbatim over jarring backing tracks. Let this performance of 'Paper Planes', complete with finger-gun-boom-gestures, attest to all you've probably heard.

4. Brian May, some stadium, somewhere

Brian May is bloody classic to watch as he plays guitar. He has the upright posture of someone lying supine strapped to a gurney and looks about as sedated. Sure he can play, he just looks like he'd rather be at home watching Escape to the Country.

3. Flume in Dubbo

Flume is painfully aloof to his audiences. Dude peers out over his hexagonal balcony like a feudal lord over amorous serfs, applauding himself for having concocted such a copacetic mix-tape with only like a dozen computers and seven fold-back wedges, and you may just get the sense he doesn't care if they're enjoying themselves or not.

2. Danger Mouse with Broken Bells at The Boat

Danger Mouse is fantastic at a lot of things, and looking terminally disinterested is one of them. Some people wear shades; Brian Burton wants you to see exactly how bored he wants to look.

1. Paul Simon on Sesame Street

Observe the coolness with which Paul interrupts his smaller, darker and arguably more charismatic Garfunkel and simply laugh.
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