The Dwarf Recommends: Sex on Toast, My Piranha

The Dwarf Recommends: Sex on Toast, My Piranha

Today we're zeroing in on the most competent of genre-benders: Those who take aged conceptions of guitar-and-synth-based music and fashion something wicked and wacky. The following are steadfast fun-lovers:

Sex on Toast

I came across this band when checking out the support bands for Hiatus Kaiyote’s residency at Howler Bar. Immediately I was sucked into the juicy synthesized bass line of their track 'Takin’ Over', and it only got better from there. They do funk-sleaze well and promise to bring the sweetest parts of the 80s back to your ears. Don't think they're just a revival band, though; they know how to jam and anchor complex elements beneath their music. In a way sometimes reminiscent of Frank Zappa's more refined classics, they’re definitely something different, and definitely worth checking out.

My Piranha

My Piranha are a local rock and roll trio that are really a lot of fun. As far as rock goes, they qualify: Fuzzy guitars, smashing drums and melodic vocals are all present and exciting. There’s a lot of energy in their sound and they are very distinct while channeling great bands like The Vines. While sometimes it might seem Australian's musical landscape is littered with fuzz-rock bands, My Piranha are proving the creed can still be made fresh and new. Listen to their track 'Yeah! The People' for guaranteed hooks.

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