The Dwarf Recommends: Jackson McLaren, NORTH ARM

The Dwarf Recommends: Jackson McLaren, NORTH ARM

Today we've some honest-to-goodness indie and folk for you to sample. Duly note Jackson McLaren and NORTH ARM, for they're both up-and-comers with fierce work schedules to tout.


Based in Melbourne, Jackson works with a kind of dulcet, timber-driven folk you'll find instantly likable. 'A Whole Day Nearer' is positively chockers with references to ol' fashioned Australiana; 'Farewell This House' is only slightly melancholic so as not to be whingy and drive you away. He's found a great contextual balance between matter light and heavy.


Frankly we know little about NORTH ARM - or Roderick Smith, who operates as NORTH ARM - but we know it (he?) deals in hazy echo-y sound walls. He'll have you believe 'Hollow Days' is merely "pop pop pop" but it isn't. The track has a strange structure wherein chorus parts fall in indistinguishably with all other sung sections, making the form seem a little cyclical. It's an odd single but well worth evaluating.

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