The Dwarf In Conversation With... Timberwolf

The Dwarf had a chat with Chris Panousakis, better known as Timberwolf, recently about his forthcoming EP Flux, working with Mark Myers, and being tipped as a "one to watch".

Rip It Up named you as one of six acts to watch. How did that feel?

It's obviously a pretty cool feeling, being an Adelaide local. I think I was more excited having realised who the other five acts were though. There is some incredible talent floating around in that bunch, so I felt humbled to be thought of in the same way.

Where did the inspiration come from for “It Burns”?

I had been sitting on the guitar riff for a while, but it came together after a pretty tough time with someone I was very close with, and the lyrics describe the feelings and thoughts of a man on the cusp of making a pretty tough decision.

If you had the opportunity to work with a fellow Aussie musician, who would that be?

Kevin Parker (Tame Impala).

What has been your most memorable gig this year?

I just played two shows to a sold out crowd at The Corner in Melbourne. I'll never forget those, but I haven't played Festival of the Sun or Gorgeous Festival yet, so I'd say that title's still up for grabs!

Great news that you are playing Womadelaide next year. What is your favourite music festival?

I went to Splendour In The Grass this year, which was amazing - I don't think I've ever seen so many people in one place, and I'm always drawn to the East Coast. WOMAD would have to be my favourite local festival though, it's unreal.

You were a physiotherapist in a past life. Have you ran into any of your former clients at a show?
Funnily enough I haven't, but I'm sure there have been clients at shows. I can imagine it would be a pretty strange contrast for them!

With the songwriting and creative process in mind, how does your first EP Man & Moon compare to your second EP Flux?
The second EP Flux comes from a much darker place, and you can feel it in the songs both in production and lyrically. Mark Myers (The Middle East is an incredible producer and I'm a huge fan of the eerie energy behind a lot of The Middle East's music. I'm excited to say I feel like together we were able to really capture and harness the darkness behind it all.

You seem to have achieved quite a bit since your arrival in 2013, how would you describe the ride so far?

Life changing probably sums it all up. I've seen more of Australia, learnt more about myself, been in more sticky situations and met more incredible people in the last year and half then I had in the ten years before it. I feel very lucky!

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